Queensrÿche - Tribe

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Sanctuary Records
Catalog Number: 06076-84578-2
Format: CD
Total Time: 41:41:00

Here are five facts concerning Queensryche's new release - Tribe.

1) It's not Operation: Mindcrime Part 2.

2) Chris Degarmo contributed to the song-writing process (five tracks), but he is not back in the band.

3) It's their best album since Promised Land (this also goes for those who may have enjoyed the last two releases).

4) It must be given a fair listen, and trust me, it will be worth it.

5) With tracks like "Falling Behind," "Blood," "Tribe," "The Art Of Life," and "Rhythm Of Hope," it is a top ten album of the year, hands down. But, that is your choice after all.

I know many Queensrÿche fans are fearful of touching Tribe, let alone listening to it. Hear In The Now Frontier and Q2K have disintegrated the hopes of many. Yet, in Tribe there lies a rhythm of hope ... and melody and outright musical integrity.

With Tribe, Queensrÿche steers in more of a sweeping, atmospheric rock direction, one with multilayered riffs and melodies, lofty acoustic guitar arrangements, and Tate's expressive and varied vocal range. From alluring and unforgettable choruses to dark, subtle, bass driven grooves, Tribe is extremely moving - tribal in nature for that matter. It conveys the extensive and pure spirit of the desert. This album flows with emotion and energy, but it takes a few listens to seize all that it encompasses. In terms of the Queensrÿche catalogue, it sounds most similar to Promised Land, at least in style; however, Tribe is not a rehash. Instead, it is a venture into something new and promising, which Queensrÿche fans must be open to.

After listening to the forty plus minutes of material over and over, I can only find two flaws. Firstly, "Doin' Fine" is a moderately weak song, and a lacklustre closer. It doesn't share the rest of the album's musically-dramatic tone. It is also fairly monotonous. Luckily, it is short and contains a listenable chorus. Secondly, the album seems a bit too short in length, but why not, I guess.

Other than that, Tribe is outstanding. Some of the tracks, mainly the ones mentioned above, are just spectacular. With its intoxicating chorus, Tate's subdued vocals, and reverie-inducing backbeat, "Blood" may be one of the best Queensrÿche songs to appear on any album since Operation: Mindcrime, and that's saying a mouthful. Focusing on spoken verse lines and ingenious guitar melodies, "The Art Of Life" is phenomenal and experimental in its own right. Actually, once you're stuck in between tracks five through nine of Tribe, the repeat button may be your best friend. And, "Open" is another awesome song, one that older Queensrÿche fans should find worthy of the band's name.

Without a doubt, Tribe is consistent. Even the most biased Queensrÿche fans of the good ol' days should at least feel okay/decent about it. Yet, for many listeners, the most difficult thing may be giving it a chance. To those who do, good for you. It's easy to lose yourself in Tribe; I know I'm losing myself in it.

"I was standing on the great divide, looking out across America."

[This review originally appeared June 2003 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]

Open (4:32) / Losing Myself (4:12) / Desert Drive (3:57) / Falling Behind (4:28) / The Great Divide (4:01) / Rhythm Of Hope (3:31) / Tribe (4:39) / Blood (4:13) / The Art Of Life (4:12) / Doin' Fine (3:59)

Geoff Tate - vocals, synthesizers
Michael Wilton - guitars
Eddie Jackson - basses
Scott Rockenfield - drums, percussion

Guest musicians:

Chris DeGarmo - guitars
Mike Stone - guitars

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Live Evolution (DVD) (2001)
Operation LIVEcrime (DVD) (2001)
The Art Of Live (DVD) (2004)
Live (DVD) (2007)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin US

Added: January 10th 2005
Reviewer: Shawn "Zero Hour" Lakhani
Artist website: www.queensryche.com
Hits: 663
Language: english


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