Ulbrich, Lutz - Kurzmusiken

Year of Release: 2000
Label: Manikin Records
Catalog Number: MRCD 7058
Format: CD
Total Time: 107:09:00

"There are short stories, there are short films and now there are short tracks = 'Kurzmusiken'." Finding a better way to describe the essence behind this rather interesting record would be impossible, and kudos must be given to Lutz Ulbrich for explaining his intentions in such a concrete and endearingly simple manner. Not only that, but the innocent explanation actually manages to reflect much of the material represented across the duration of Kurzmusiken; a compilation of private material accumulated through the years that sounds beautifully youthful and fresh with every passing second.

Mixed in such a way that each of the discs constituting this release end up sounding as if they were but one enormous instrumental of a myriad moods and musical styles, Ulbrich's record is a wonderful trip through the multiple possibilities that electronics have given the field of music. Pop, progressive electronic rock, soundtrack music, Oriental mysteriousness, banjo quirkiness, ambient noise, foxtrot, and basically anything that Ulbrich has ever come up with during his career is represented here, united by a common thread of adventure and joyful discovery. It is as though a soundtrack intended to represent all emotions available to mankind had been created, chilling ambience trading off with happy-go-lucky optimism at one point, a funky moment of dance glee set against a curious series of noises and special effects at the other.

The mere scope of Kurzmusiken could indeed turn out to be quite intimidating for those who prefer to lock themselves unto limited areas of music, as Ulbrich certainly wasn't afraid to experiment with anything that entered his mind, going as far as to record a classical-sounding "Pomp," a funky dance track in the form of "Zombies," an intense spy movie-like moment with "Kaukasus," and an oppressive sense of warning in "Danger." The way in which these rich contrasts actually merge into an identifiable sense of unity is astonishing, and although the arrangement lacks a decisive direction or principal theme, as well as featuring the odd unexciting moment, the end result is indivisible and marvelously absorbing. A collection of the purest of sonic experiments, if you will.

For those wondering if this is Ulbrich's answer to his Ashra colleague Manuel Göttsching's The Best of the Private Tapes, it is. Except this has its very own joie de vivre, its own essence, and an identity that stands alone by miles and miles. With Kurzmusiken, Ulbrich has allowed the listener to explore the innocent labyrinth of his whimsical soul and to experience a playful voyage through the numerous passages that it is composed of, thus putting a unique musical personality on shining display. And with a minimal quantity of previous solo material out, one can only say one thing: it was about time Lüül!

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Disc One: Oase (4:40) / Astral (0:45) / Strangeland (0:51) / Hubschrauber (0:51) / Ideal (3:46) / Wüstenstaub (3:28) / Märchen (1:31) / Geist (6:23) / Wunderland (2:47) / Tropfen (1:56) / Wüstenschiff (1:45) / Undine (1:11) / Pomp (0:56) / Danger (1:27) / Arpeggiator (3:13) / Babylon (0:32) / Spieldose (0:40) / Nacht (5:18) / Moab-Jam (6:13) / Weite Wüste (2:39) / Banjo Tanz (0:58)

Disc 2: Moabit (3:18) / Mystisch (1:22) / Passant (2:26) / Astral (0:31) / Wassergeist (2:41) / Wüstensand (2:28) / Kaukasus (1:09) / Taucher (1:41) / Geliebte (3:00) / Hummeln (0:42) / Rote Reise (2:12) / Verkehr (2:25) / Echo-Groove (1:36) / Geständnis (1:03) / Pass? (0:56) / Etüden (1:08) / Untiefe (0:37) / Umbau (0:49) / Oriental Caf? (1:36) / Neumann (3:05) / Hauch (4:02) / Abenteuer (2:05) / Ventilator (0:58) / Facio (3:12) / Zombies (1:32) / Küche (2:06) / Percussion-Move (0:54) / Bodensee (1:47) / Bow-Job (4:13)

Lutz Ulbrich - guitars, keyboards, machines banjo, e-bow

Deutsche Welle (1981)
Lüül (1981/2000)
Und Ich (1983)
Mond Von Maobit (1996)
Ahoi! (1997)
Kurzmusiken (2001)
(see official website for complete discography)

Genre: Electronic

Origin DE

Added: May 18th 2002
Reviewer: Marcelo Silveyra
Artist website: www.luul.de
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Language: english


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