Univers Zero - Ceux Du Dehors

Year of Release: 1992
Label: Cuneiform Records
Catalog Number: Rune 39
Format: CD
Total Time: 50:25:00

Very original indeed! Univers Zero use the instruments of a chamber orchestra (violins, oboe, bassoon, English horn, etc.) and create dark, soundtrack-like music. The music is complex, often dissonant and yet oddly melodic. At times it can sound like noise, but I am always intrigued by it. This is unlike anything I have heard, so points do go for originality. "Combat" is my favorite track, as I enjoy how it transitions to the softer passages contained within it, but maintains the tension. "Bonjour Chez Vous" just sounds like your worst nightmare come to life. If your taste swings to classical you at least owe it to yourself to give them a listen. I offer no comparisons, as I have none to give, but be warned, the music could lead you to a psychotic episode if you're not careful!

P.S. - please leave a light on when listening.

Dense (12:23) / La Corne Du Bois Des Pendus (8:38) / Bonjour Chez Vous (3:48) / Combat (12:50) / La Musique D'Erich Zann (3:25) / La Tete Du Corbeau (3:08) / Triomphe Des Mouches (5:34)

Michel Berkmans ? bassoon, oboe, English Horn, Voice
Daniel Denis ? drums, percussion, voice, cymbals, harmonium, violin
Patrick Hanappier ? viola, violin, voice
Andy Kirk ? harmonium, organ, piano, mellotron, voice, glockenspiel
Guy Segers ? bass, voice, clarinet


Jean Debefve ? hurdy gurdy
Jean-Luc Aime ? violin
Ilona Chale ? voice
Thierry Zaboitzeff ? cello

1313 (1977)
Univers Zero (1978)
Heresie (1979)
Ceux Du Dehors (1981)
Crawling Wind (1983/2001)
Uzed (1984)
Heatwave (1986)
The Hard Quest (1999)
Rhythmix (2002)
Implosion (2004)

Genre: RIO

Origin BE

Added: November 30th 2003
Reviewer: Eric Porter

Artist website: www.univers-zero.com
Hits: 609
Language: english


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