Ramone, Joey - Don't Worry About Me

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Sanctuary Records
Catalog Number: SANCD108
Format: CD
Total Time: 32:45:00

Joey Ramone was a hero of punks and rockers everywhere. The 70's kicked into high gear and punk became the new war cry for nonconformist across the globe thanks to Joey and has leather clad brothers. Joey was the iconoclastic leader of The Ramones, a Brooklyn based band that played high speed punk songs under three minutes long. I loved Joey for his attitude and what he stood for. His presence in music will be severely missed.

He left behind a final testament to his greatness with a knockout punch of an album called Don't Worry About Me," his only solo album. What a great album this is! There isn't a dead horse found on this CD. Things begin with Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World" of all things, and its damned good, it surprised the hell out of me I must say. "Venting (It's A Different World)" talks about politicians talking out their assholes...you called them like you saw them, Joey. His undying spirit and strength is witnessed in "I Got Knocked Down (But I'll Get Up)" as he sings about being stuck in a hospital bed watching TV and how he wants to live his life. I don't think he was planning on leaving us so soon, but I guess God had other plans for him. His voice is very strong and versatile, showing how he could go beyond all of the simplistic material that his legendary band had to offer. He covers a lot of ground on this release, jumping around from straight up rock and garage to the bang your head raw punk rock of an Iggy & The Stooges song called "1969," then reverting back to a wacky pop laced ditty called "Mr. Punchy." He doesn't keep things short and sweet, he allows each song some breathing room while allowing it plenty of time to develop and take shape around his voice.

Yes, there was much more to Joey Ramone then he led us to believe. He left us with the complete story before he left, finishing his circle of his life and his music. This is one of the best albums you will hear this year, you can count on it. It's going to be a more psychologically bruising reality without you Joey. The only thing left to comfort us all is your music, we thank you for that. Like the man says: "Live your life to the fullest and fuck everything." Hey Ho! Let's Go!

What A Wonderful World (2:23) / Stop Thinking About It (2:57) / Mr. Punchy (2:35) / Maria Bartiromo (3:58) / Spirit In My House (2:02) / Venting (It's A Different World Today) (3:17) / Like A Drug I Never Did Before (2:04) / Searching For Something (4:12) / I Got Knocked Down (But I'll Get Up) (3:42) / 1969 (3:40) / Don't Worry About Me (3:55)

Joey Ramone - vocals
Captain Sensible - background vocals
Frank Funaro - drums
Joe McGinty - keyboards
Jerry Only - bass
Daniel Rey - guitar, background vocals
Andy Shernoff - bass, background vocals
Al Maddy - bass, guitar, background vocals
Mickey Leigh - guitar, backgroundvocals
Dr. Chud - drums

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Don't Worry About Me (2002)

Genre: Rock

Origin US

Added: May 18th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
Artist website: www.joeyramone.com
Hits: 487
Language: english


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