Saturnalia - Magical Love

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Akarma
Catalog Number: AK-267-2
Format: LP
Total Time: 36:50:00

Saturnalia was a rock group produced by Yardbirds legend Keith Relf. This reproduced vinyl version of their album Magical Love is a duplicate of the original picture album released on Matrix Records in 1969.

With a man named Adrian Hawkins and woman named simply Aletta heading up the vocal duties, their sound was assorted and fascinating combination of psychedelic rock. I preferred what they sounded like with Hawkins at the helm; Aletta's voice was off key and irritating for the most part. The music in total bordered on pre-prog-rock with a strong leaning towards hard rock, albeit a different slant than what was available in that era. I am sure some folks would consider this as weird music, I prefer to say they were making music that was original and off the beaten path, which for me personally is very appealing.

Besides the tripped out artwork on both sides of the LP, a booklet is included that tells the story of the band with an outline of each individual personality including their astrological sign a full explanation of all the elements, fire and water and such. It is all very much what 1969 was all about. Old hippies (and new) will love this album! It seems there is always so much more to talk about besides the music when I receive an album with so much color and character. This is what collectors live for so snag it up before they disappear.

First released approximately 1972 by Matrix Records (cat no. 1)

[Sep 2007: Info from someone who worked with the band at the time tells us that, as the band hadn't formed until 1972, a 1969 release date is incorrect (as published elsewhere). -ed.[

Side One: Magical Love (4:32) / She Brings Peace (4:42) / And I Have Loved You (3:22) / Winchester Town (7:55)

Side Two: Traitor (4:36) / Soul Song (2:58) / Princess And The Peasant Boy (3:44) / Dreaming (2:43) / Step Out Of Line (4:18)

Aletta - vocals
Tom Crompton - drums
Adrian Hawkins - vocals
Richard Houghton - bass
Rod Roach - guitar

Magical Love (1972?/2003)

Genre: Rock

Origin UK

Added: October 19th 2003
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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Language: english


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