Ray, Rick - You People

Year of Release: 1999
Label: Neurosis Records
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 60:00:00

As we continue our tour through the releases of the extremely prolific Rick Ray, we begin with material recorded in July and August of 1999, collected on You People (a couple of tracks are from the early 90s, but not indicated as such). Again joining Ray is clarinetist Rick Schultz. Here, as on previous disks, the highlight is Ray's guitar playing.

While there are parts of opener "The Night Crawls In" that are likable - a Rush-like feel peeks out momentarily between versus, but otherwise this is an abstract, discordant, and dense slab of noise - not in the metal sense, but in the chaotic sense. Effects laden vocals and a warped melody make this off-putting.

Among the strongest tracks is the title track, which has a much fuller sound. There are a few sci-fi-like sound effects, but these aren't detractors. Other highlights are "The Nasties Are Coming," a deceptively low-key track, quirky in the way that Warren Zevon's "Werewolves Of London" is, and almost as catchy (though it wouldn't be mistaken for it). Ironically, the next track is called "The Big Bad Wolves," another overall good track, that doesn't resemble Zevon's classic in any way. If Ray were to take the middle tracks (most of those listed here) and a few from his previous disks (previously reviewed, at least), he would have a very strong single album.

Ray shines when he eschews cleverness for composition, and vocal tracks for instrumentals. It's not his vocal style that prompts that latter comment, but the arrangements tend to be more open when they don't have to support lyrics. Granted, some of those middle tracks are vocal tracks.

The album closes with Ray's take on Francis Scott Key's immortal "Star Spangled Banner" - here aptly corrupted to "Bizarre Spangled Banner."

The Night Crawls In (5:23) / The Dolphin Endorphin (6:00) / Mental Block (4:30) / You People (9:42) / Pictures of Darkness (4:43) / Distorted Faces (part 2) (4:58) / The City (3:17) / The Nasties Are Coming (4:35) / The Big Bad Wolves (4:20) / Talk To Me (4:15) / The Garden (5:12) / Bizarre Spangled Banner (3:05)

Rick Ray - guitars, bass, percussion, RX8, vocals, and guitar
Rick Shultz - clarinet

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Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: January 1st 2000
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
Artist website: www.rickray.net
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Language: english


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