Stalteri, Arturo - Rings - Il Decimo Anello

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Materiali Sonori
Catalog Number: MASO CD 90132
Format: CD
Total Time: 00:20:03

Arturo Stalteri is a well-known artist for having played during the Seventies with his Italian progressive band Pierrot Lunaire. After having released two records, he decided to change direction and focused upon a different kind of music.

This album is the example of what I just said: Rings is a disc dedicated to the fantasy world of Tolkien, but if you think this is a classic prog album, it isn?t so. It ranges between a lot of genres, making this CD very good. It?s a mix of folk and Celtic music ? in fact, sometimes it reminded me of Mike Oldfield?s folk release, Voyager ? but it?s played in a classical way. So in here can be heard some classic music, some music in a Philip Glass or Michael Nyman manner, a little bit of progressive and folk as said above.

It is very, very warm and there is lot of feeling in it, also thanks to the wonderful voice of Jenny Sorrenti, another historical member of the Italian prog of the Seventies. She's able to give a very particular interpretation to the songs on which she sings.

To conclude, I suggest you buy this album immediately, because it?s one of the best of this year.

Baggins' Theme / Bilbo's Party / Gandalf The White / Rivendell / Le Ultime Luci / Cavalieri Neri / Lo Specchio Di Galadriel / The Old Forest / The Ring Bearer / Théoden E I Ricordi / Verso Lorien / The Ride Of The Rohirrim / The Grey Havens' Lullaby / Memories Of A Hobbit // The Rings Multimedia Track including: Dolce Vento, Folle Vento / Verso Lorien - Instrumental / Gandalf The White - Alternative Version

Arturo Stalteri ? piano
Yasue Ito ? violin
Laura Pierazzuoli - cello
Stefano Pogelli - hurdy-gurdy, renaissance shawn, crumhorn, flutes, musette
Arlo Bigazzi - acoustic bass
Lorenzo Moka Tommasini - various alembics
Enrico Fink - Gandalf
Jenny Sorrenti ? vocals

André Sulla Luna (1979)
Syriarise (1992)
Racconti Brevi ? E Il Pavone Parlò Alla Luna (1993)
Flowers (1995)
Circles (w/Philip Glass) (1998)
CoolAugustMoon (2000)
Rings? Il Decimo Anello (2003)
Early Rings (Compositions 1974-1975) (2005)
"Ruby Tuesday/Liquid Stone" (2006)
Child Of The Moon (Dieci Notturni E Un'Alba) (2006)
Half Angels (2009)

Genre: Other

Origin IT

Added: November 30th 2003
Reviewer: Davide Guidone
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Language: english


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