Castello, Gian - Taliesin

Year of Release: 1999
Label: Black Widow Records
Catalog Number: BWR027
Format: CD
Total Time: 41:32:00

If you're well into the acoustic simplicity of guitar, violin and voice, and by means of Jan Akkerman's Tabernakel album, material by Minimum Vital and Agelo Branduardi, you don't shun the middle ages. Gian Castello could well be the artist you have been looking for for a very long time! On Taliesin you can find ten delicious prog-folk compositions where, next to the already mentioned instruments, you'll also find tin whistle, dulcimer and harp. The end result is very soothing music after a hectic day at work. In fact, this album is as relaxing as your spa. Not an overproduced album, bold with clichès here, rather an open production with a crystal-clear sound that enables you to hear every detail in an astonishing way. Every time I'm surprised not to see any elves dancing around my chair when I wake up at the end of the album. Without any doubt a must-have this album and certainly for fans of Mellow Candle, Renaissance and the Norwegian Shine Dion!

Introduzione: Kali-Yuga (4:06) / Guardami - Parte Prima (3:53) / Tema Di Gwion (2:30) / Le Vite Precedenti (6:35) / La Reggia Di Tara (3:25) / Englyn (4:32) / Chi ? Il Tuo Dio? (5:08) / I Misteri Del Mondo (5:23) / Guardami - Parte Secunda (2:51) / La Canzone Di Taliesin (4:29)

Gian Castello - tin whistle, concert flute, tenor flute, dulcimer, guitar, percussion, lead vocals, auto-harp
Anna Manusso - violin, vocals
Enrico Cotella - keyboards, percussion
Marco Canepa : digital sampler, computer, percussion

Taliesin (1999)

Genre: Progressive Folk

Origin IT

Added: February 1st 2000
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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