Styx - Styxworld Live 2001

Year of Release: 2001
Label: CMC Records International
Catalog Number: 06076-86311-2/CMRCD378
Format: CD
Total Time: 68:30:00

Styx remains one of the rare bands to be both accepted by the prog audience as well as the single buying public. Over the years they managed to deliver clean cut popsongs resulting in number one hits and number one albums and thus sellnig truckloads of records. Recorded over four nights during their 2000 and 2001 world tours (two nights in Tokyo, one night in Offenbach, Germany and one night in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) this album illustrates the many facets of the Styx music, ranging from fierce rockers such as the opener "Rockin' The Paradise" right down to the mellow ballad as is "Boat On The River." I'm not sure but maybe the inclusion of Glen Burtnik is one of the reasons why these recordings sound so tight, sound so damn rock'n roll. Take "Love Is The Ritual" as an example, a song which could easily be called "Love Is A Battlefield" and result from the talents of Pat Benatar! Burntik even sees one of his own compositions, "Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough," included in the set, which is almost inevitable seeing it's big success when it was released in its own right. Burtnik meanwhile illustrates how much air he has in his lungs!

The advantage of going to see a band that has been around for many years is that you get to see a rock'n roll jukebox on the road, a live rendition of a collection of greatest hits which sometimes result in a singalong from the entire audience. Styx is also known for its inclusion of acoustic guitars which melt so well together with their electric counterparts. Often it only needs the touch of a synth or a guitar for the audience to know what song it's about. The synth gives away the originality of "Lorelei" whilst the set is getting better and better as time evolves. One of the band's trademarks is to have the vocal line follow an earlier melody. Just listen to "A Criminal Mind" where the vocals follow the piano lead resulting in a dramatic song which holds resemblances to the work of Chris DeBurgh.

Sometimes it's a mystery how a song which is not so much vintage Styx nevertheless fares well, as is apparent with "Boat On The River" which sounds like a Russian folksong. The major part of this live album consists of songs from the band's golden era with material from albums such as Cornerstone, Paradise Theater, Pieces Of Eight, Crystal Ball and The Grand Illusion. We are talking the seventies here and although The Grand IllusionPieces Of Eight album. I remember the record comapny at the time released an ashtray with one of the statues from the album's cover as a promo gimmick. No ashtray necessary this time around though as Styx proves to be an incredible band who is still able to perform live the many classics they have written over the years. Maybe not as powerful as the 1984 double vinyl set Caught In The Act but still good value for money as you get the combined efforts of a live album and a greatest hits package all condensed into the great sounding Styxworld Live 2001. With so much material to chose from, Styx could easily perform for five hours nonstop and release a quadruple album and still noone would moan.

Rockin' The Paradise (4:12) / High Enough (2:07) / Lorelei (4:07) / A Criminal Mind (5:59) / Love Is The Ritual (5:31) / Boat On The River (4:25) / Half-Penny, Two Penny (6:35) / Sing For The Day (4:22) / Snowblind (5:22) / Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough (2:45) / Crystal Ball (6:28) / Miss America (6:19) / Come Sail Away (10:11)

Tommy Shaw - vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin
James "JY" Young - vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, supplemental keysboards
Todd Sucherman - drums and percussion
Glen Burtnik - vocals, bass, guitar
Lawrence Gowen - vocals and keyboards
Chuck Panozzo - bass

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Genre: Melodic Rock-AOR

Origin US

Added: April 7th 2002
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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