Super Groovy Band, The - Joyride!

Year of Release: 2004
Label: independent
Catalog Number: PG6909
Format: CD
Total Time: 36:08:00

I knew I was going to like Joyride! from the moment I laid eyes on it. Any band that uses the words "Super" and "Groovy" - two of my most favorite words, ever - in their name deserves big points from the git-go, if only because they're obviously nuts. But you know what? I was wrong - I don't just like Joyride!, I love it!.

Hailing from British Columbia, The Super Groovy Band live up to their name by tripping back to the late 1960's pop scene to take unsuspecting listeners on a surprising and fun-filled romp. Boldly going where the 1910 Fruitgum Company never dared, the Super Groovies mix bubble gum-era pop with modern progressive rock elements to create catchy, quasi-psychedelic treats that tingle the feet and tickle the brain. This dubious mix works primarily for two reasons: First, The Super Groovy Band can really play. Amazingly, guitars are completely ignored by the Groovies. Instead, the big keyboards of vocalist-braintrust Gogo, the saxes and flutes of "true genius improvisational artist" Pierre, and Moon's huge Geddy Lee-style bass playing provide the melodic drive, all powered by the "streamline(d) Mac Truck at a ballet" drumming of Lance Chalmers. Second, the group can really sing. Goofy lyrics ("I like your hair"? You tell me?) are neatly sung with tongues firmly in cheeks, giving rise to wonders about what the Beach Boys would've sounded like if they'd sung for Frank Zappa. All of which is delivered in thrifty, radio-friendly little packages that surely would've made the AM Top 40 back in my parents' day. Whether that would work in today's U.S. radio market is highly suspect (although there is surely room on the college stations or satellite music channels), but who cares when they're having this much fun?

The hell with citing influences, then. If you experienced (i.e., "were alive in") the late Sixties and early Seventies you'll find plenty to reminisce about on Joyride!. If you didn't (i.e., "weren't born yet"), then Joyride! will give you plenty to giggle and get silly about. Daring to be great, artistic, fun, and funny, The Super Groovy Band have outdone themselves with Joyride! Tons of fun - don't miss out!

I Like Your Hair (3:39) / Fresh Apples (3:45) / Coffee With God (3:11) / Spin (3:34) / It's A Beautiful Day (3:19) / Don't Freak Out About The Future (3:40) / Stay Happy All Day (3:10) / Turn On The Television (3:54) / Groovy Man's Lament (2:54) / Elevator Ride To The Sky (3:25) / Joyride! Finale (3:37)

Gogo - vocals, keyboards
Pierre - saxes, flute, vocals
Moon - bass, vocals
Lance Chalmers - drums, vocals

Joyride! (2004)

Genre: Rock

Origin CA

Added: September 20th 2004
Reviewer: David Cisco

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Language: english


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