Supertramp - Crime Of The Century - The Supertramp Remasters

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Universal
Catalog Number: 493346
Format: CD
Total Time: 42:05:00

Keith reviewed four titles - Crime Of The Century, Crisis? What Crisis?, Even In The Quietest Moments, Breakfast In America - in one omnibus review; they are listed separately in the database -ed.

The Supertramp Remasters part 1:

I have many fond memories of Supertramp and their music. I remember it like it was yesterday when I first heard Crime Of The Century (1974). I was visiting my brother in Boston (at the time I was around 15 years old) and the guy next door invited me in to listen to this cool new band. He proceeded to roll up a big fat one and give the record a spin. I was amazed at how different the music sounded; I had not heard anything like it before. "Bloody Well Right" really stayed with me for a while after that virgin listen. Although I can recall fondly all the great music that would come after that, I never got into the band as I did others of that time. It is now 2002 and nearly their entire catalog is available in the remastered form. I feel more like the new audience rather than the old classic rock fan after hearing these amazing recordings with the crisp and pristine sound.

The listeners that were previously gained prior to the impact of Crime Of The Century became disappointed with the bands more mainstream rock direction. I personally feel it made them a better band and allowed for more diversification, thereby reaching a much larger audience. Crisis? What Crisis? was an earful of the prog-rock-pop combination, and a very strong statement that could have easily gained some hardliner prog heads back and bring onboard some new fans as well. "Sister Moonshine" served notice that they were not about to rebuild their foundation just to make it commercially ... well, not yet. Even In The Quietest Moments started to hint around that they were beginning to soften up a bit and change direction with more acoustic guitar flavorings, although it was a very strong release and good follow up to the previous release. "Fools Overture" was a masterstroke of musical genius clocking in at over 10 minutes. In fact, there were so many great songs on these four albums it is hard to keep track of them all. Some tracks would be become FM radio staples (and remain so today) and others huge hits on the AM radio side of the dial. There was enough mixture of genres in their sound for them to satisfy a large mix of admirers. The usage of piano, acoustic and electric guitars, soaring vocals, and all-around outstanding musicianship is brilliant on all four of these albums. The sound has become simply phenomenal with the remastering process.

The combination of progressive rock and pop would prevail over the course of the first three releases. When the multi-platinum (by the 90s 18 million units were sold) Breakfast In America was released they became a full-blown rock-pop sensation, leaving all of their progressive influences behind. The featured instrument was the keyboards, when previously the guitar and keys had an equal measure of influence on all of the other releases. Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies voices played off each other beautifully, and their harmonies were so sweet and melodic. I think that they reached their peak working together on this album.

After the huge triumph of their most successful album, the aftermath would result in creative burn out. I can see how it would be difficult to match the string of successful albums that they produced over the course of a five-year period. They were a literal musical juggernaut, but all good things must eventually come to end. These four albums stand as the most prolific and significant of the group's catalog. Each album stands on its own as classic renderings of rock, progressive rock, and pop.

Crime was originally released by A & M; in addition to this reissue, it has been reissued several times.

[Keith covers the second four remasters in part 2, beginning with Paris - ed.]

School (5:35) / Bloody Well Right (4:26) / Hide In Your Shell (6:52) / Asylum (6:30) / Dreamer (3:30) / Rudy (7:07) / If Everyone Was Listening (4:05) / Crime Of The Century (5:20)

Roger Hodgson - guitar, piano, keyboards, vocals
Bob Benberg - percussion, drums
Rick Davies - harmonica, keyboards, vocals
John Helliwell - clarinet, saxophone, vocals
Bob Siebenberg - drums
Dougie Thompson - bass

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Genre: Rock

Origin UK

Added: September 29th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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