Various - D1: The Music Is So Beautiful

Year of Release: 2003
Label: D1 Music
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 65:52:00

The Music Is So Beautiful is a title that backs itself fully by what is presented in this compilation. Yes, there is a lot of beautiful music on this CD. It was better than I could have hoped for being that this not the type of music that I seek out. The fact that it came to me tells me there was a reason I needed to listen to it. I am an individual that believes everything happens for a reason and it is up to me to figure out why. For some reason a lot of this music has been coming to my mailbox recently. In general, I never thought a mixer or a DJ had any talent in comparison to the artist that picks up a guitar and writes an entire composition. Perhaps I have been too judgmental and closed minded thinking that way. I like to think of myself as an open-minded person when it comes to music but I guess I am not as receptive as I really could be to other genres of music that I would consider out my zone. I will continue to try being more open but reserve my right to despise rap or hip-hop; there is no room for that.

There is a lot of vocal talent utilized amongst the driving and pulsating mixes available for your dance lovin' feet on this CD. "Feel The Vibe" is a gorgeous track with a trance like melody pushing it along, it is enticing. Then a slice of erotica comes to you courtesy of D1 MC on "Erotic Moans (lead to) Erotic Zones (The Close Shave Mix)." Check out the title of the song, I do not think it can be any more descriptive. The big hit for Roxy Music "Love Is The Drug" gets the remix treatment twice on this compilation. I would be willing to bet that Bryan Ferry would really like the versions. "The Music Is So Beautiful (Beautifully Extended Mix)" is a splendid track with exceptional vocals heightened by a man with an articulate English accent that reminded me of some of the romantic era music from Great Britain in the '80's. Thanks to this CD compilation of various dance tunes, I now have an entirely different outlook on the mixing and remixing process. The result of recordings like this has helped a genre to continue to grow and evolve while becoming an extremely strong musical entity over the years.

If you are into dance, trance and house music ? this is da bomb baby. Remember, united in dance we shall never fall.

Unity (United Tribal Mix) (9:03) / Erotic Moans (Lead To) Erotic Zones (The Close Shave Mix) (D1 MC) (6:57) / Feel The Vibe (Wille Colon) (7:39) / Twist Of Love (Twisted Mix) (Wanda Houston) (8:08) / The Music Is So Beautiful (Beautifully Extended Mix) (D1) (7:22) / Love Is The Drug (Pee Wee's Love Hit) (D1) (7:26) / The Joint Is Jumpin' (Two-step House Mix) (Lisa Hunt) (7:37) / U Da Bomb (Dentenation Mix) (Lisa Hunt) (8:56) / Love Is The Drug (A.J. Boland's Love Buzz Dub) (Lisa Hunt) (5:04)


Various - D1: The Music Is So Beautiful (2003)

Genre: Other

Origin VA

Added: August 3rd 2003
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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Language: english


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