Various - A Fair Forgery Of Pink Floyd

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Stanley Recordings
Catalog Number: SR106
Format: CD
Total Time: 136:34:00

Which one is pink? Take your pick from 30 different tracks. A Fair Forgery Of Pink Floyd is more than fair, it is outstanding.

Surely you will notice some of the names that contributed to this tribute in honor of one the greatest progressive-rock bands ever. Graham Parker makes every effort to impress on "Comfortably Numb." Trust me on this one, you have never heard this song sound like this and only someone like Parker could pull it off and get away with it. To be perfectly honest, there were only two other names that I recognized, Quetzal ("Mother") and Mike Keneally ("Astronomy Domine"). This is not to say that I did not appreciate all the other artists because I sincerely did. Everyone does a fine job giving his or her own interpretation of the Pink Floyd classics.

Some bands are spot on capturing the PF sound and atmosphere and others were so far off that their interpretation could have ended up on any tribute. Ironically, that is exactly what makes this two-disc set so captivating and different. It is unusual enough to keep your attention focused on each track straight through the two generous discs. I think it would have been extremely boring if every song sounded like a PF copycat. I am most appreciative of each contributing artists' knowledge of the songs they covered. I think the reason every track had its own personality is because each individual artist or band was able to turn themselves inside out and show their true colors and how the inspiration of PF has helped to shape their own music. In the end, that is what a great tribute recording is supposed engender.

If you have often wondered what these songs would sound like using different instruments, voices and genre influences, you are in for a bag of jewels just as the cover indicates. God save Pink Floyd ? I mean the king, the ultimate prog-rock stoner band on the face of this great planet. Its funny, I do not need to be high to enjoy this music, never did, I just thought it went together like everyone else did growing up in the '70's. Let me put it this way, the first time I heard "Animals" I was not straight. Great music needs nothing else to help it along much less a mind-altering chemical; some people never figure that out. Hell, this is mind-altering music! It is time to take out your "Money" and put it on the table to purchase this fine interpretation of PF music. It Us and Them, join us both now.

US: Fearless (Tom Freund) (5:20) / Wish You Were Here (Sally Semrad) (4:30) / Money (Yortoise) (3:18) / Comfortably Numb (Graham Parker) (3:56) / See Emily Play (James Combs) (3:22) / Mother (Quetzal) (5:52) / Breathe (50 Cent Haircut) (2:13) / Young Lust (John Law) (4:15) / Time and Breathe (Reprise) (Kelsey Wood) (3:05) / Have A Cigar (Ira) (4:41) / Bike (Harvette) (1:42) / Nobody Home (Courtney Fairchild) (3:24) / Paintbox (Jimmy Caprio) (4:24) / Lucifer Sam (Billion Stars) (3:39)

THEM: High Hopes (Shark / Smoke) (7:28) / Astronomy Domine (Mike Keneally Band) (3:52) / Corporal Clegg (Samarin / Morgan / Hull) (4:19) / Let There Be More Light (Glass) (4:24) / Pigs On The Wing (Tortfeasor) (4:57) / Dogs (Which One's Pink) (13:38) / Sheep (Numira) (10:11) / In The Flesh (Shaun Guerin) (2:56) / Hey You (S.A.M.) (5:45) / Goodbye Blue Sky (Tim Myer) (2:21) / What Shall We Do Now? (Which One's Pink?) (3:39) / Is There Anybody Out There? (TBL / Stevie Z.) (2:44) / Not Now John (North Green) (4:06)

Mark B. Allen - vocals, 12-string acoustic guitar
Pierre de Beauport -guitar
Becca -Hammond organ, vocals, mini Moog
Bryan Beller - bass
Jim Caprio - acoustic guitar, piano, bass, vocals
Anton Chovit - synthesizer, keyboards, Hammond organ
James Combs -acoustic guitar, percussion, keyboards, vocals
Courtney Fairchild - guitar, vocals
Quetzal Flores - jarana, requinto
Tom Freund - guitar, mandolin, vocals, slide guitar, acoustic bass
Peter Fuhry - organ, vocals, background vocals
John Gold - bass, background vocals
Shaun Guerin -drums, keyboards, vocals
Michael Jerome -drums
Gary Johns - guitar
Remi Kabaka - drums
Rick Kelly - guitar
Mike Keneally - rhythm guitar, vocals
Andrea Lane - vocals
John Law - vocals
Roc?o Marron - violin
Mark McCrite - guitar
Scott Miles - drums, saw
James Morgan - bass, vocals
Rick Musallam - rhythm guitar
Gabriel Ordonez - guitar, vocals
Graham Parker - guitar, vocals
Dante Pascuzzo - cuatro, standup bass
Sally Semrad - vocals, background vocals
Gerri Sutyak - cello
Jeff "Fling" Walendy - bass
Amy Wood - drums, loop drums
John Would - banjo, guitar, percussion, piano, accordion, bass, keyboards, sound effects, tambourine, vocals, whistling, 12-string guitar, mellotron, slide guitar, wah wah guitar, tremolo guitar, baritone guitar

Various - A Fair Forgery Of Pink Floyd (2003)

Genre: Various Genres

Origin VA

Added: August 24th 2003
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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