Various - Last Of The Mississippi Jukes

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Sanctuary Records Group
Catalog Number: 84596
Format: CD
Total Time: 65:25:00

Last Of The Mississippi Jukes-CD Soundtrack gives the resume of film director Robert Mugge much more strength and authority. He is responsible for a number of documentaries accounting homegrown American musical techniques, most notably Deep Blues (1991) and Gather At The River: A Bluegrass Celebration (1994).

This particular title received prime exposure on a cable TV recently. Released as an audio soundtrack and DVD, blues lovers will have the best of both worlds to choose from for entertainment in live blues music, a rare treat indeed.

This soundtrack, recorded (and filmed) at the Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale, MS, was due to the work of Morgan Freeman (film star) and the Subway Lounge in Jackson, MS. Their re-creation of the juke joint brings back performances long since disappeared and left in the memories of the survivors that witnessed this slice of Americana. Only to speak of the legend and lore of this artistry does not quantify its greatness and validity fairly. This will be a revelation to many and a welcome return to the legendary live performances that you only heard of from tales and stories of yesteryear. What they did by reviving this musical art form was bring it all back to the people and the artists by documenting these phenomena called Juke Joints.

Found in each song on this wonderful and colorful disc are the ties that bind us together, those inherent of humankind woven into the fabric of our society within our global culture. When you hear Patrice Moncell do a vivid study of song and sexual pleasures called "Strokin'" and Chris Thomas King perform "John Law Burned The Liquor Sto'," you will come to understand why the only place you would ever hear songs like this would be in a small intimate setting with the smell of whiskey and smoke permeating the air.

Some names you will recognize quickly such as Alvin Youngblood Hart and Bobby Rush and others will not be so familiar. They all have one thing in common; the blues is in their hearts and it comes flowing out of their songs on every track on this CD.

In the heart of the Mississippi da blues is hot, heavy and smoldering, making this recording as real as it gets.

Joe Friday (Alvin Youngblood Hart / Sam Carr) (3:41) / Every Goodbye Don't Mean I'm Gone (Deep Cuts) (4:28) / Garbage Man (Bobby Rush) (2:12) / Subway Swing (Greg "Fingers" Taylor / Casey Phillips / Hounds) (1:58) / Stormy Monday (Patrice Moncell / House Rockers) (8:13) / You Know I've Tried (Levon Lindsey / J.T. Watkins) (3:45) / Casino In The Cottonfield (Vasti Jackson / King Edward Blues Band) (4:27) / John Law Burned The Liquor Sto' (Chris Thomas King) (3:47) / Blues Is Alright (Dennis Fountain / Pat Brown / Jesse Robinson) (4:01) / What Goes Around, Comes Around (Lucille / Greg "Fingers" Taylor) (6:33) / Hole In The Wall (King Edward Blues Band) (4:06) / Strokin' (Patrice Moncell / Vasti Jackson / House Rockers) (9:51) / Members Only (Abdul Rasheed / House Rockers) (3:52) / Juke Joint Jam: Last Of The Mississippi Juke Joints and Next Time You See Me (by David Hughes / Jimmy King / Virgil Brawley) (7:11)


Various - Last Of The Mississippi Jukes (2003)

Genre: Other

Origin US

Added: June 15th 2003
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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