Tierra Santa - Sangre De Reyes

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Locomotive Music
Catalog Number: 2080
Format: CD
Total Time: 47:39:00

I don't understand a word they're saying, yet I'm loving it!

There's a New Wave Of Spanish Heavy Metal (NWOSHM) occurring right before our eyes in the form of Tierra Santa that is neither new nor original but extremely infectious. At their most basic, Tierra Santa are a Spanish Iron Maiden crossed with Hammerfall excesses. Sangre De Reyes is album number five, following the successful Tierras De Leyenda and if you enjoyed that slice of easy listening metal then this is that - but more at the same time.

The fact that it is sung in Spanish is both a help and a hindrance. It helps because, whilst it may not be overly original musically, it stands out lyrically and, subsequently, vocally. And plus it is fun to hear a metal album not sung in English. On the other foot though is that it makes it difficult to associate mentally and emotionally with what they are singing about. If you can look past this fact, then you'll soon be singing to God knows what but enjoying it immensely. For those fans who know their Spanish, then you'll be pleased to hear a local band that is not copping out and singing in English.

Whilst the music is catchy, the vocals actually make it even catchier. It's not difficult to get involved in singing tracks like the melodic "Pegaso," the furious "La Armada Invencible," and the catchy title track. The riffs of Angel (who also handles the vocals) and Arturo are decidedly contagious and it contains a high foot tapping quotient that doesn't let up across the whole album, save for the piano led ballad "El Amor De Mi Vida." Angel doesn't always have the range of other vocalists but his emotion-laden vocal melodies and passionate singing more than makes up for any minor deficiencies. A couple of songs also border on the commercial side (especially with the euphoric 80s keyboard sound on "El Laberinto del Minotauro") of metal but this just shows you how popular they are in their home country (where they regularly obtain top ten status).

When a band copies Iron Maiden so perfectly but manage to be so different at the time must mean something special. And what Tierra Santa present here is definitely something special. Tierra Santa present a fantastic album that is different lyrically, but familiar musically, and an album that will ultimately be ignored because of these facts. But I'm here to tell you not to ignore this album because there is a lot of pleasure to be had listening to its Maiden nuances.

[This review originally appeared November 2002 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]

David Y El Gigante (5:33) / La Ciudad Secreta (3:44) / Pegaso (4:03) / Juana De Arco (4:24) / La Sombra De La Bestia (5:13) / Dos Vidas (Prologo "La Armada") (2:08) / La Armada Invencible (4:22) / El Laberinto Del Minotauro (5:07) / El Amor De Mi Vida (4:53) / Mi Tierra (3:46) / Sangre De Reyes (4:26) / Minutos ( )

Ángel - voice and guitars
Arturo - guitar and chorus
Roberto - bass and chorus
Iñaki - drums
Oscar - keyboards

Medieval (1998)
Legendario (1999)
Sangre De Reyes (2001)
Indomable (2003)
Las Mil Y Una Noches (2003)
Apocalipsis (2004)
Mejor Morir En Pie (2006) 1997-2007 (2007)

Cuando La Tierra Toca El Cielo (DVD) (2001)
Las Mil Y Una Noches (DVD) (2003)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin ES

Added: March 27th 2005
Reviewer: Gary Carson
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Language: english


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