Time Symmetry - Time Symmetry

Year of Release: 2003
Label: independent
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 33:50:00

The story of Time Symmetry starts somewhere in time, in Spain, when two friends, David Rubino (guitars) and Jorge Velasco (guitars) start playing together and want to form a real band. The band had almost as many names as vocalists, and finally they decided to call themselves Time Symmetry and that David Rubino would become the vocalist of the band. They set out to play and work on writing songs. They are very proud of their first self titled (mini) album, which was released early in 2003.

Time Symetry sounds much better than I expected, and although they have listened very well to other bands, they have created their own sound. Rubio is not a bad vocalist and his English is quite good, but with a Spanish accent. A nice addition is guest vocalist Natalia Rico, who sings on four songs, which adds a warm touch to the songs. The music is a bit standard progressive metal, but with tasteful guitar solos, fast double bass ("Wrath Age"), piano arrangements and of course the very good guitar work by both Rubio and Velasco. Although the production of the album is surprisingly good, the drums could have sound a bit better, they lack some power. "Birth Of Mourning' is a very nice ballad, with again Natalia Rico on vocals and with fantastic guitar solos as well as a great bass sound by Luis Serrano. Closing track "Stolen Beauty" opens with calm keys and acoustic guitars, followed by crunchy, heavy riffs and stunning vocals by Rubio, which again demonstrates he is a good choice for a vocalist!

The debut mini album by Time Symmetry has definitely impressed me: strong songs, well played and excellent vocals. The sound is not new or innovative, but entertaining, and they have shown to be capable of creating their own sound, so that gives them the room to grow for the future. At the moment the album is only available in Spain, but through their website you can order a copy. It is a low price album , so I can recommend to get it and judge for yourselves.

[If you can find it; the website is gone (and so too the band I suspect) and nary a mention on the net {July 2010: the band do now (as in, since 2006) have a MySpace page; not sure when it was last updated, other than a blog post from 2008?} - PW ed.]

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[This review originally appeared December 2003 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]

Wraith Age / It's Impossible / Eliminate The Assassins / Two Brothers / Birth Of Mourning / Stolen Beauty

David Rubino - guitars and vocals
Jorge Velasco guitars and backing vocals
Jesús Franco - keyboards and backing vocals
Luis Serrano - bass
Alejandro "Ando" Matrinez - drums


Natalia Rico - vocals

Time Symmetry (2002)
Fate In Gray (2006)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin ES

Added: January 23rd 2005
Reviewer: Marcel Haster
Artist website: www.myspace.com/timesymmetry
Hits: 467
Language: english


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