To/Die/For - Epilogue

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Spinefarm
Catalog Number: SPI 114
Format: CD
Total Time: 73:55:00

To/Die/For follows up All Eternity with another dose of melodic, despondent, gothic metal, and Epilogue is its name.

For those who grew up on 80's pop/rock, I would compare To/Die/For with bands such as Duran Duran, The Cure, and Depeche Mode. For those coming from the modern metal era, I would say fellow countrymen in HIM, and current Amorphis and Sentenced are apt comparisons. The influences are mainly due to the vocal style of Jape Perätalo and the twin guitars of Joonas Koto and J-P Sutela that create dramatic and moving songs. The added attraction of a few (and I mean few), "deathy" vocals (ala Amorphis Tuonela and Am Universum) add some nice touches in songs such as "Hollow Heart" and "Frail Without You."

For me, the highlight is the vocalist's melding of passionate singing with such depressive and solemn lyrics that only the Finns are really capable of (note bands listed above and Entwine, Charon, Children of Bodom). Whether induced by an over-consumption of alcohol or the seriously long winters (or both) I'm not sure but they hold a certain fascination for one who lives in the sun for most of the year.

What also makes this disc so special is that there is an element of arrogance about the way this CD plays. There are haunting melodies, especially in the choruses, that brings about a certain magnetism - bringing you closer to musicians.

In comparison to their debut disc All Eternity, Epilogue rates highly indeed. A cleaner sound in the production department and more consistent songs. The only downer, albeit slight, is that it has a more "commercial" feel to it. If you like depressive songs, melancholic moments, and passion filled music - then both To/Die/For discs would make worthy additions to your collections.

Also released by Nuclear Blast; Japanese edition include bonus track "Victim Of Love" (3:43); Russion edition includes a cover of the Scorpions "Passion Rules The Game" (4:16)

[This review originally appeared November 2002 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]

Crimson Twins (3:53) / Veil Of Tears (3:46) / Hollow Heart (3:53) / Veiled (3:07) / The Unknown (4:26) / Frail Without You (3:32) / In Solitude (4:56) / Chains (4:06) / Immortal Love (3:47) / Garden Of Stones (5:20) [/ Hidden Track: Epilogue]

Jape Perätalo - vocals
Joonas Koto - lead guitar
Juppe Sutela - guitars
Marko Kangaskolkka - bass
Tommi Lillman - drums

All Eternity (1999)
In The Heat Of The Night (EP) (2000)
Epilogue (2001)
Jaded (2003)
IV (2005)
Wounds Wide Open (2006)

Genre: Dark-Doom Metal

Origin FI

Added: March 27th 2005
Reviewer: Gary Carson
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Language: english


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