Townshend, Pete - Scoop 3

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Classic Records
Catalog Number: DAD1038
Format: DAD
Total Time: 110:51:00

Do you think that all that has been said about Pete Townshend has shed enough light upon his awesome career? I don't think so. His work with The Who has been well documented in all formats of musical media including several remastered versions of early work from the band that helped him make a name for himself. Many of the songs would later take shape in an electrified fashion with different names and become some of the more popular songs in the band's catalog. His solo work has been nothing short of brilliant since the 80's. The Scoop series has been somewhat of revelation for fans and music industry professionals with its simplistic and bare bones approach to each track. Scoop 3 follows the success of the two prior releases.

Townshend gives his audience an inside, up close personal look at his musical genius in the formative stages via the piano and acoustic guitar. With 34 tracks there is plenty to sort through to attempt to understand where the artist is coming from in each song. Pete provides insightful liner notes that give details on how each song came to be. He readily admits that he never got this honest in his music before. It's all about him, not other people, fabricated situations, or fictional characters. Gone is the tenuous group scenario that always seemed to push the Who to their creative peaks, all you get is pure Townshend from start to finish. I never really looked at him as a poet, but in many ways he proves himself to be an open ended poet with rock and roll flair comparable to Lou Reed and David Bowie. He certainly has made his mark, and incredibly so as he continues to come up with gems like the ones found on this two CD set. "Teresa," which became "Athena" on the It's Hard album, is excellent. Pete keeps reminding you that "It's just a fucking girl," with evident disdain and bluntness. That kind of emotionally charged response in a lyric is what makes this music so compelling.

What's the best part about all of this? It's the superior sounds that grab you, dig in, and never let go. The pristine and detailed restoration of this music is evident right from the start when "Can You See The Real Me" kicks in. This listening experience took a lot of introspection and reflection on my behalf. There is a lot more than just hearing the music, the trick is to understand what each note carries with it. Pete has always had a lot to say, and he gets right to the bottom line in every song. We as the listener benefit from his honesty and musical intelligence. Trust me; this is one journey that you will not want to end. I always loved The Who and Pete's solo work, but this is something special and different that is hard to forget once you hear it.

There is a lot of instrumental work that comes as a welcome change as far as I am concerned. Although some folks may not agree, I think this offers an entirely different perspective on a renaissance man that we rarely have had the opportunity to partake in. Seize the moment and become one with a rock and roll poets stories. Whether it is by words or music, it will sweep you away. Take a walk into the real world of Pete Townshend, you will be inspired to sing, dance, and create just as he did during these sessions. There are few artists that have the kind of power over my senses like this man does. You got me on this one Pete. I want more.

[The DAD format will play only supporting DVD players only; which in the 8 years since this was first published means all of them; or, if DAD died, none of them. The album is available from other labels in other formats, it appears -ed. July 2010]

Disc One: Can You See The Real Me (4:18) / Dirty Water (1:02) / Commonwealth Boys (3:37) / Theme 015 (0:40) / Marty Robbins (1:40) / I Like It The Way It Is (4:36) / Theme 016 (0:40) / No Way Out (However Much I Booze) (6:06) / Collings (2:34) / Parvardigar (German Version) (6:46) / Sea & Sand (4:58) / 971104 Arpeggio Piano (1:36) / Theme 019 (2:08) / I Am Afraid (2:29) / Maxims For Lunch (2:52) / Wistful (2:58) / Eminence Front (6:34) / Lonely Words (3:57)

Disc Two: Prelude 970519 (0:37) / Iron Man Recitative (3:39) / Tough Boys (3:08) / Did You Steal My Money? (3:51) / Can You Really Dance? (3:45) / Variations On Dirty Jobs (4:38) / All Lovers Are Deranged (Pete's Version) (3:21) / Elephants (2:52) / Wired To The Moon (Part 2) (1:27) / How Can You Do It Alone? (6:25) / Poem Disturbed (3:11) / Squirm Squirm (4:07) / Outlive The Dinosaur (3:36) / Teresa (4:35) / Man And Machines (3:48) / It's In Ya (5:30)

Pete Townshend - guitar...

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Genre: Rock

Origin UK

Added: May 18th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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Language: english


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