TriPod - TriPod

Year of Release: 2000
Label: self-released
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 41:57:00

Among the several different combinations of instruments that the prog genre has tested in its history I really don't remember the one featuring bass, drums and saxophone. Nonetheless if this triangle had something missing, TriPod have now filled the gap, as this mixture is their trademark. And if this information might possibly alienate some guitars or keyboards lovers from this record, it could also grab the attention of the ones who are willing to check something new in the music scene. In fact TriPod sound really weird, and it's not that simple to make comparisons to give a brighter picture of them. You know, the only group that really comes to my mind is Primus, but even this is a farfetched matching, aside maybe from the funny rhythm of some songs. Well, another remote counterpart is Critters Buggin, a bizarre ensemble with brass instruments, but I guess they are not too famous to give you an idea. So let's return to TriPod and their self-produced debut. The album starts with the weak "Rain Parade," but luckily improves by the second track, the moody "Trip The light". Yet one thing that puzzles me is that while on one hand I love the sax interludes that Keith Gurland puts here and there in the songs, on the other one I don't necessarily dig the voice of Clint Bahr (in some choruses). Cases in point "As The Sun" and "Incident," where the instrumental parts are clearly the highlights of the tunes. So, wrapping things up, TriPod are undoubtedly a fresh sounding outfit, but they need to refine some of their features to reach the top echelon of the genre. Follow them closely.

Rain Parade (3:17) / Trip The Light (4:32) / No Side Of Maybe (2:54) / As The Sun (8:03) / Incident (Suite) a. Retro-Glide b) Danger Isn't Safe (7:36) / Four Winds (5:26) / Jerome's Spotlight (2:58) / A Most Logical Position (6:11) / Grey Whisper (2:20)

Clint Bahr - lead vocals, 8-string bass, bass pedals
Keith Gurland - clarinet, flute, alto and tenor sax, bass pedals, and vocals
Steve Tobin - drums, cymbals, percussion
Genya Ravan - backing vocals

TriPod (2000, promo CD)
TriPod (2003)

Genre: Fusion/Jazz Fusion

Origin US

Added: May 18th 2002
Reviewer: Igor Italiani

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Language: english


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