Wakeman, Rick - Christmas Variations

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Mascot
Catalog Number: M 7087 2
Format: CD
Total Time: 55:01:00

This album was already released on Rick's very own Music Fusion label in 2000 sporting a different sleeve and has been re-released by Mascot Records in time for the Christmas season. Other than having a new cover, the music on this album is exactly the same as when the album was first released. Christian-inspired Rick Wakeman has chosen a selection of Christmas carols, treating them in such a way that they don't become the umpteenth release with the sole intention of selling truckloads of albums whilst losing the true spirit behind the entire Christmas idea. So you won't hear any sleigh bells nor jingle bell lyrics nor has Rick posed for the album's cover wearing a silly goblin's hat.

Although Rick is accompanied by a fair selection of keyboards he nevertheless turns mainly towards the piano with synths settling for choir parts and different solos. To enhance certain parts I would have loved to hear real brass for instance, but then again if Wakeman should have done exactly that, he would have released an album we might have heard a dozen times before. Instead this is an authentic Wakeman solo album in the literal sense of the word, not only putting his technical skills in favour of the end result, but also putting heart and soul behind the idea. The result is a wonderful, ambient and soothing album full of lovely soft instrumental beauty that will go down a treat in order to digest those triple helpings of turkey and X-mas pudding!

If you know about Rick's life you can hear all these stages throughout this album. At a very young age he started out on the piano winning tons of competitions. Then he moved to the Royal College of Music where he learned about classical arrangements. Having already proved to the world that he is indeed the world's fastest and best keyboard player of all time, he no longer has the urge to demonstrate these skills. Instead he delivers and arranges new material stripped to the bare essentials, Rick Wakeman "unplugged" if you like. In "O Little Town Of Bethlehem" I even hear a little bit of Rick van der Linden (ex-Ekseption) shining through, but then again Dutch Rick also had classical tuition when he was young. Although obviously this album is ideal to be played during the Christmas period, it contains so much calm that you can use it to fully relax after a stressful day whatever time of year. However, to be really honest, the music itself does get close to muzak at times, so although some tunes are nicely structured, the full duration of this CD might be a trifle too much in the end. Yet the spirit of good will is displayed in every single track which still makes Christmas Variations the kind of album that will be liked by lovers of classical and rock music alike. Merry X-mas to all of you!

Silent Night (4:35) / Hark The Herald Angels Sing (6:19) / Christians Awake Salute The Happy Morn (7:02) / Away In A Manger (5:28) / While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks By Night (5:33) / O Little Town Of Bethlehem (6:06) / It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (5:14) / Once In Royal David's City (4:58) / O Come All Ye Faithful (5:16) / Angels From The Realms Of Glory (4:27)

Rick Wakeman - Kurzweil K2500x, Korg Trinity Pro X, Korg 01W Pro x, Roland JD800, Korg X5DR, Korg Prophecy, Roland D70

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Genre: Other

Origin UK

Added: December 23rd 2003
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

Artist website: www.rwcc.com
Hits: 488
Language: english


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