Warren, Britt - Fearless

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Gasajeran Music
Catalog Number: 02040943
Format: CD
Total Time: 41:15:00

Britt Warren is positively "Fearless" with his music. He goes from aggressive instrumental compositions to spiritually moving vocal tracks then back again to just the music, all in one extraordinary session. The cover of this CD is very mentally stimulating and could have several meanings dependent on what's happening in your life at the moment. For Britt, he seems to be looking at himself through his own eyes wandering the desert of life, its debatable who's eyes are on the horizon, his own or that of his higher power. The interpretation is best left to you and decided upon after you listen to the entire album. Because of the varied styles he covers there is no other classification but progressive for his music. Keep in mind that you will hear rock, blues, jazz, and any combination thereof on this CD; it's all undoubtedly progressive by nature. You will understand why once you hear it all.

"db Shock" is an electrifying rocking instrumental number, whereas "Unrude Mood" changes the pace entirely, giving you a taste of some sweet jazz. That kind of change in direction is not only impressive, but risqué when regarding putting all of your cards on the table as he does consistently throughout this recording. "Strong Hand" is quite a strong meaningful message for all of those open minded enough to receive it. He launches into a new age rap and sings of faith in someone other than thy self when life becomes hard. Man has a tendency to become hard as well, and having a strong hand to hold can redirect that negativity and get you back on the path that is right for you and those around you. The closing track is a real rocking Satriani like number that leaves you anticipating something more. The only alternative you have is to listen to it all over again, and that I would highly recommend. There is so much going on in these 11 tracks that you are bound to miss something along the way, whether it is a great guitar lick or a word with impact that could change the perspective on your entire day. There is more to the music than meets the eye(s) on this CD, have a look, you may be surprised with what you find.

Sweeter, Tootie & Sputnik (2:58) / db Shock (3:33) / Jehovah's Jig (2:36) / El Chromeo (3:28) / I Hear You (4:39) / Strong Hand (4:11) / Smoke & Mirrors (3:44) / Palm Of Your Hand (3:43) / Unrude Mood (2:57) / Finally Home (5:22) / Fearless (5:44)

Britt Warren - guitars, bass, piano
Mike Bolejack - drums
Stephen Roach -percussion
John Cook - organ
Wayne Kolach - drums
Marta Richardson, Amanda Matthews, Kay Fitzpatrick - strings
Rusty Wiggs - drums, percussion

Fearless (2002)
Dance Of Broken Chains (2010)

Genre: Rock

Origin US

Added: August 11th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
Artist website: www.brittwarren.com
Hits: 527
Language: english


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