Weingarten, Carl - Escapesilence

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Multiphase
Catalog Number: 110
Format: CD
Total Time: 42:26:00

Listening to one of Carl Weingarten's albums, regardless of the time frame during which it was conceived by this master craftsman, is preparing oneself for a lush musical journey ready to tug at the emotions subtly but decisively. It is thus no wonder that his latest outing, Escapesilence, is yet another gorgeous exposition of cinematic music evoking images of innocence, remembrance, sadness, and an array of emotions that carries the listener away in its gentle flow. The genuineness and heart of it is indeed so humanly in touch, that, much like its predecessors Blue Faith and The Acoustic Shadow, it conjures an entire imaginary storyline in one's mind and leaves a haunting impression of beauty there after the album's last second has expired.

Unlike the aforementioned records, however, Escapesilence is much closer to Weingarten's home than to the distant lands of the Far East. While Vietnamese jungles and Tibetan monks seemed to dominate his imagination not too long ago, childhood memories are now the new inhabitants of his conceptual vision. Instead of going back to them through the altering perception of older age, however, Weingarten and his cohorts take their musical coils back to years now long past and experience childhood dreams, curiosity, and thoughts themselves. There is still the exploration of other wondrous places foreign to Weingarten's home, but the balance is now turned around and thus gives his new album a new character, while remaining firmly entrenched in the temperament that has characterized his work for quite a while now.

The change, however, comes not only in the presence of a new focal vision point, but also in a subtle change in instrumental perspective that shines the spotlight on Weingarten's delightfully soulful dobro skills more often and noticeably features the increased presence of bass in the form of Michael Manring's much larger participation. Escapesilence is therefore a minuscule but ultimately significant move away from a large symphonic approach and almost a flirt with realms of band existence; something that is ultimately a rather curious fact, as the essence of orchestration and complementation that Weingarten has honed during his latest years as a composer is nevertheless untouched. In other words, the listener is still treated to an exquisite cinematic approach, although it somehow seems more attached to grass roots than ever before.

And perhaps that is one of the reasons why the album conveys its intended emotions and pictures so well, as the subtle musical change is a somewhat logical counterpart to the thematic modification. Regardless of approach or storyline, however, the strength and beauty of Carl Weingarten's music has always come from its ability to exude the warmest of emotions in gentle sonic waves, and the success of his latest efforts has derived greatly from the poignant combination of picturesque storylines and such ability. With both still untouched and unmarred, it is no wonder that Escapesilence is yet another triumph in this man's solo musical career.

Hand In The Sand (4:00) / Read The River (2:57) / 1973 (3:12) / A Life In The Family (1:48) / Bone Dog Blues (2:59) / Lafayette (2:52) / After You've Gone (2:00) / Child's Play (2:30) / The Albion Friend (2:44) / Pedro's Lament (4:32) / Escapesilence (4:53) / Tell The Story (4:01) / The Lover's Dream (3:35)

Carl Weingarten - dobro, slide guitars
Michael Manring - bass, ebow
Brian Knave - drums, percussion, harmonica
Robin Bonnell - cello

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Genre: Other

Origin US

Added: November 3rd 2002
Reviewer: Marcelo Silveyra
Artist website: carlweingarten.blogspot.com
Hits: 555
Language: english


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