Young, John - No Commercial Value

Year of Release: 2000
Label: Heritage Records
Catalog Number: HR002
Format: CD
Total Time: 00:00:49

John Young's second solo CD release No Commerical Value is different from his first Life Underground, being instead a collection of instrumental compositions in the vein of Jonn Serrie, Tangerine Dream, Kevin Braheny, and other like artists. The album opens with a throbbing, bubbling beat over atmospheric washes while a high-toned keyboard sings soaring phrases. Appropriately enough this spacey tune is called "Asteroid." In fact, all of the album's twelve tracks have space-themed titles: "Voyager," "Ascent," "A Clearer Sky," Air Miles." Well, "Sapporo" might be stretching that definition a bit, but the Japanese city does occupy space, and I didn't specifically define what kind of space Young meant. "Voyager" is a delicate, light piece with a tinkling keyboard over humming synths in the background. Expansive in sound, very open. There are some light koto-like sounds in "Sapparo" that easily evoke the region.

My favourite piece is "Ascent," a piano and guitar piece, where keys also float across like flute. It starts with a calm and gentle guitar arpeggio that is repeated by the light piano notes. This would fit right in with the contemporary instrumental category of music. Because of the piano, I'm brought to mind of one my favourites, David Lanz. Young names as his influences as "Messrs. Moraz, Sakamoto, and Vangelis" thanking them for point him "in this direction."

"A Clearer Sky" sounded to me too synthesized, where the use of a drum machine became a bit too obvious. Colder sounding than the warmth of the other tracks. Like a cold, dry, and clear day in winter where there's enough static in your hair to power California for a week - which as I write this, is just about what we need. Although this still falls in the contemporary instrumental genre, it seems far too programmatic, falling somewhere closer to the electronic compositions of early Steve Roach. I think of Empetus especially, but anything before Roach delved into the more ethnic, and warmer, sounds that have been his interest of late. There are moments toward the end where I thought a bit of Craig Chaquico, but this time, not of his distinctive steel-stringed guitar, but of the rhythmic aspects of his style.

All in all this is a very nice CD, very relaxing and atmospheric. It's safe and not very daring, but is a good entry into a rather crowded field of spacey, electronic music.

Asteroid (3:57) / Voyager (4:28) / Chance Encounter (4:17) / Ascent (5:11) / A Clearer Sky (5:06) / Daybreak (3:01) / Corpus (4:12) / Bible White (3:20) / Whirl (4:04) / Araindi (4:31) / Air Miles (4:09) / Sapporo (3:15)

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Genre: Electronic

Origin UK

Added: February 20th 2001
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
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Language: english


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