Malicorne - Legende

Year of Release: 1989
Label: Voque Records
Catalog Number: HNCD1360
Format: CD
Total Time: 65:36:00

This is another disk that I've had for a while [Thanks Ralph], but never truly listened to, meaning I've played it a couple of times, but not contemplated it. But always has it been on the "to review" list. I should have done so sooner, as this is a great disc.

Malicorne were (are?) a French band who've been recording longer than this disc would indicate, as Legende is a compilation of tunes from albums released during the period of 1978 - 1986 (the disk itself dates from 1989), representing only the last five of their albums. As the booklet says, "Using traditional and rare instruments, ranging from crumhorns, bagpipes, harmoniums, and mandocellos to even some they invented themselves, Malicorne recreated the magic of these old melodies while always maintaining a fresh outlook in their interpretations." Each track is given a historical context, both for Malicorne and the source material.

Multi-part harmonies open "Le Prince D'Orange" a track recorded live (audience applause truly opens the track) in 1978. The source material harks back to the 16th century and is anti-military song. "Le Ballet Des Coqs (The Rooster's Ballet) will make one think of Gryphon or at least of 16th century music (if you are at all inclined toward such things). Not surprising then to find Brian Gulland (ex-Gryphon) did the arrangement of this track, entirely a cappella.

Fans of Gryphon, Tempest, and others will truly enjoy Malicorne. Vocalist Gabriel Yacoub has a rich voice, not quite as much so as Tempest's Leif Sorbye, but it is equally pleasant and warm, more with a folk feel than a rock feel. And as expected, there's a great deal of warmth to the instrumentation. Okay, there are occasionally simarities to Ian Anderson in his delivery, too, and to early and current Jethro Tull in the music.

Marie Yacoub takes lead vocals for "La Nuit Des Sorcieres," and treats us with her soft, lilting voice - sort of a Kate Bush, Annie Haslem, Mary Black mix, for comparison's sake - very subtle. Fans of Minimal Vital will also find much to enjoy, especially in "Dormeur," an original composition penend by Yacoub and inspired by Gullard.


Le Prince D'Orange (2:25) / Le Ballet Des Coqs (2:10) / Compagnons Qui Roulez En Provence (3:00) / La Mule (3:44) / Pierre De Grenoble (7:00) / Vive La Lune (4:55) / La Dance Des Dames (4:52) / La Chasse Gallery (5:31) / La Nuit Des Sorcieres (4:18) / La Conduite (3:50) / Dormeur (4:42) / L'Ecolier Assassin (10:48) / Sorcier (4:04) / Beau Charpentier/Quand Le Cypres (6:37)

Gabriel Yacoub - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, gizmotron, autoharp
Marie Yacoub - vocals, dulcimer, electric dulcimer, percussion, hurdy-gurdy
Hughes Decourson - crumhorns, marching and bass drums, percussion, glockenspiel, hammer, duclimer, gaita, vocals
Oliver Kowalski - bass, vocals, electric guitar, synthesizer, bass drum
Laurent Vercambre - violin, cello, mandocello, mandolin, vocals
... and numerous musicians on various tracks.

L'Extraordinaire Tour De France D'Ad?lard Rousseau (1978)
Live In Montreal (1978)
Le Bestiare (1979)
Balanĉoire En Feu (1981)
Les Cath?drales De L'Industrie (1986)
Legende (1989)

Genre: Progressive Folk

Origin FR

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Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
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