Ange - Sève Qui Peut Tour

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Musea
Catalog Number: FGBG 9014
Format: DVD
Total Time: 00:00:00

This DVD takes us back to April 1990 when Ange performed in Mulhouse, France. A year earlier they had released the album Sève Qui Peut, which they deliver here in its entirety, spread over two parts. In fact the entire album was realised after a demand by Jean-Pierre Chevènement in order to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution: 1789-1989. After the book of the same name came out, next came a ballet conceived by Marie-Di Haas, followed by the album by Ange. From a French perspective this album has become an important release because it depicts an important part of French history. Because it concerns an entire concept, Ange performs the whole album in one go with live on stage the very same line-up that recorded the actual album, thus once again using Haas, Brezovar and Defer backed by the powerful drumming of Jean-Pierre Guichard. The opening section of this important work also contains some bombastic elements nicely contrasting with the often neo-prog elements that adorn the music. Backed only by keyboards, Christian's voice is at it's very best during "L'or, L'argent At La Lumière," a very dramatic composition that from a vocal point of view reminds me of ? Patricia Kaas! More rhythmic sections get the audience participating, such as during "Non!!," which could be a Johnny Hallyday classic, and "Grands Sentiments," the latter kicking off with authentic heavy metal guitar before evolving into the kind of material one would associate with bands such as Twelfth Night or Pallas at around that time.

The band concludes the gig with some of their all-time favourites taken from their impressive collection of albums and welcomed with lots of enthusiasm from the audience. First on the cards is "Le Soir Du Diable" from the Caricatures album during which Christian once again uses a puppet depicting the devil. Nice from both a visual and audio perspective is the Wishbone Ash-like guitar part in "Le Bal Des Laze," which becomes rather solemn once church organ is introduced. The eyes closed Decamps sings from the heart when he attacks the nicely structured melodic "Sur La Trace Des Fées." Christian dresses like a busker when he delivers "Ode À Emile," which is indeed a tribute to the storytelling marvel of Emile Jacotey. It's once again the combination of both guitars that sets the pace for "Vu D'un Chien," the kind of rhythmic material that sets the audience on fire. Although Christian Decamps is a true poet, Ange nevertheless reaches out towards a song by Belgian singer/songwriter Jacques Brel to conclude this concert. Their version of "Ces Gans-l&agreave;' is indeed a true highlight and almost like the absolute Ange anthem.

As is the case with the 70's-80's DVD by Ange, you get the same 10 minutes worth of Ange biography as told by Decamps by means of photographs taken during the band's impressive career. Nevertheless, this DVD perfectly illustates the power and theatrics one doesn't seem to encounter on the band's studio output. You also get to see that at times Ange could deliver some heavy material, which together with the French lyrics made them rather original and daring. An impressive release!

Aimer - Hair / Vivre Avec Le C?ur / Les Plaisirs Faciles / L'or, L'argent Et La Lumière / Briser La Glace / Les Amours -Lumière / Non!! / Grands Sentiments / SèVe Qui Peut / Le Soir Du Diable / Le Bal Des Laze / Les Longues Nuits d'Isaac / Sur La Trace Des FéEs / Fils De Lumière / Hymne A La Vie / Ode À Emile / Vu D'un Chien / Ces Gens -LÀ

Bonus?: 10 minutes of rare archive photos commented on by Christian Decamps

Christian Decamps - vocals
Francis Décamps - keyboards
Daniel Haas - bass
Jean-Michel Brezovar - guitar
Robert Defer - guitar
Jean-Pierre Guichard - drums

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Ange Chante Ses Plus Grands Succes (1977)
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Vu Dun Chien (1980)
Moteur (1982)
A Propos De... (1982)
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Fou! (1985)
Vagabondages (1989)
Seve Qui Peut (1997)
Memo (2000)
Master Serie, Vol. 1 (2000)
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Tome 87 (2002)
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Zenith an II (2007)
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70's/80's: 2 Décennies De Concerts (DVD) (2003/2006)
Anthologie:Sève Qui Peut Tour (DVD) (2003/2006)
Par Les Fils De Mandarin: Live Tour 2003-2004 (2006)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin FR

Added: December 26th 2003
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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