Nexus - Détras Del Umbral

Year of Release: 1999
Label: Record Runner
Catalog Number: RR 0220
Format: CD
Total Time: 71:24:00

The Brazilian Record Runner label has always had a real "nose" for talent whether it concerned interesting, polished re-releases or brand-new progressive sounds. With Détras Del Umbral from [Argentina's] Nexus it looks like the label has found their absolute masterpiece!

This CD contains the right balance between bombastic sympho and modest, instrumental rags and vocal parts. The somewhat "gothic" feel of singer Mariela Gonzalez's voice of course adds an extra flavour to the southern aspect of this disc alternating with the Mediterranean feel of Carlos Lucena's guitar playing. Sometimes that guitar sounds very Pink Floyd-like but then it hits the harder riffs to complement the powerful drumming of Luis Nakamura.

In "Mas Alla Del Limite" keyboard player Lalo Huber shows us his adoration for the work of Keith Emerson for the very first time, a sound that blends well with the rest of the band's output. In a way the total sound reminds me a bit of the Dutch band Finch. In order to determine a certain atmosphere Nexus' music sometimes tends to lean towards a "cosmic" whole before all of the band sets foot on the ELP-train once again. A little bit similar to the work of Solaris is "Tiempo Sin Razon" with its wonderful layers of synths. In fact you have to see all of Détras Del Umbral as one huge orchestrated work on top of which you can write the word SYMPHONIC in big bold letters. The four musicians complement each other perfectly in order to guarantee this full sound. It is without any doubt a true masterpiece that will please fans of Yes, Flower Kings, ELP, Cast and the like.

El Despertar (2:23) / Condenados (8:06) / Mas Alla Del Limite (3:27) / Tiempo Sin Razon (6:09) / Utopia (2:24) / La Espiral (2:48) / Signos En El Cielo (10:52) / Sueno Infinito (4:51) / Detras Del Umbral (9:17) / La Procesion Int?rior (3:37) / Eterno Y Fugaz (10:22) / La Batalla (4:17) / El Ultimo Ritual (4:51)

Lalo Huber - keyboards
Carlos Lucena - guitars
Daniel Ianniruberto - bass
Luis Nakamura - drums
Mariela Gonzalez - vocals

Détras Del Umbral (1999)
Live At Nearfest 2000 (2000)
Metanoia (2001)
Perpetuum Karma (2006)
Be As Free Experience 2 (2007)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin AR

Added: February 1st 2000
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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Language: english


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