Tempus Fugit - Shallow Water Blackout

Year of Release: 2010
Label: Colonic Records
Catalog Number: CR002
Format: CD
Total Time: 50:50:00

If you're looking for melody in Progressive Rock look no further then the 2nd full length release from the Canadian Crossover band, Tempus Fugit. It doesn't take longer than about 15 seconds of the opening track, "Dodgy," to hook you. Tempus Fugit is a Toronto band that has been around for a while, releasing a 4 track cassette and a first album in the previous decade. After a 6 year hiatus, recording began on Shallow Water Blackout.

Toronto and English Canada is not brimming over with progressive rock bands. Outside of Rush's legacy, there's been very little out there over the years. Tempus Fugit is hoping to change that. This album can be clearly defined as Crossover, as there's plenty of meat for the prog purist, but the album is undeniably melodic and full of variety. In fact, it doesn't appear to be progressive until the fifth track, "Soap Stains And Ashes" which expands on the band's musical inclinations, yet still tracks in at seven minutes.

All tracks have something going for them. "Presence" is a mellow, laid back track after the lively "Dodgy" but builds on a guitar solo towards the end. The title track is moody, textural and atmospheric. It's followed by the riffy "Migrations" that also tap dances with heaviness and levity. I'm most reminded of mid seventies Kansas by this track.

"Soap Stains..." is mellow and moody until it erupts near the end. "Just Another Day" is another catchy, upbeat number followed by an indie styled rocker "Do You Know What I Mean?". By the final two tracks, arguably the best on the album, it is clear that CD will stay near the top of the pile for a few weeks, maybe months. "The Poetry Song," an instrumental, closes the album with definitive progressive finesse.

Though the vocals are mixed down on this album, the timber of Darrin Cappe's pipes is pleasant to listen to. He's not a powerful singer, but he does show passion from time to time. In fact, that is the most compelling thing about listening to this album -- it is damn pleasant to digest. Songs grow on you with each listen. There's a nice balance of guitar, keys and an effective rhythm section. The cornerstone of good rock music.

Certainly Shallow Water Blackout neither displays scorching instrumental prowess, virtuoso or epic prog at it's best, but the recording and playing is more than competent. The mix and production overall are top notch. It may not be a classic, but Tempus Fugit shows that a Toronto band can deliver in this era of no shortage for new prog.

Dodgy (4:21) / Presence (5:35) / Shallow Water Blackout (5:59) / Migrations (6:14) / Soap Stains And Ashes (7:15) / Just Another Day (4:12) / Do You Know What I Mean? (3:48) / New Path (3:00) / Drownproofing (4:42) / The Poetry Song (5:50)

David Blatt - guitars
Dario Brancato - bass
Darrin Cappe - guitars, vocals, backing vocals
Michael Graham - keyboards, backing vocals
Phil Shoore - drums


Rob Preuss - additional keyboards (2)

Beyond The Barrier (1986)
...When You're Having Fun (1999)
Shallow Water Blackout (2010)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin CA

Added: February 6th 2011
Reviewer: Richard Zywotkiewicz
Artist website: www.fugitland.ca
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Language: english


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