Twilight - Day And Night

Year of Release: 2000
Label: Garden Of Delight
Catalog Number: CD 041
Format: CD
Total Time: 40:42:00

Based on the beautiful artwork alone you might suspect that this Twilight were a progressive metal band, as these fantasy elements are not unlike what one might find on a Rhapsody release, say. But aside from the rather proggy, Pink Floyd-esque "Day And Night," which is entirely instrumental, this Twilight is more a rock band with progressive tendencies than a progressive rock band. If you were take the classic sound of Thin Lizzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, or any other southern rock band of the 70s, then you'd have your finger pretty much on Twilight. I say "this Twilight" because there's "that Twilight" who were to play at this year's ProgPower 2000 festival and who are a prog/power metal band -- this isn't them. This Twilight were a German quartet, consisting of Volkmar Kramarz on guitar and vocals, Ulrich H?lder on keyboards, J?rgen Bieler on bass and vocals, and Roland Gl?sser on drums and percussion. The highlight is playing of Kramarz and H?lder.

But, if you're thinking, "oh, 70's rock" -- and that these tracks were originally recorded in 1975, makes them just that -- this is pretty cool stuff, folks. Lovely keys, especially on the title track and on "Leaving In The Morning." On this latter, the keys are ... well, alone they evoke a low to the ground skim over the country-side as we race toward something. But, with the other instrumentation this becomes more like a Supertramp like track, sans Roger Hodgson's vocals ... there are vocals, but they are at a lower register. I kept thinking of "Bloody Well Right," from Crime Of The Century though this goes in other directions as well.

It's Led Zepplin and Judas Priest on "Rock 'N' Roll Chillun" ... those first few bars are Zep-like, but the whole grove made me think mostly of "Livin' After Midnight" mixed in with a dash of Kiss' "Rock N' Roll All Nite," and a sprinkle of Mountain's "Mississippi Queen." Not for any extended riffs or anything, like they piecemealed a track together stealing bits and pieces ... but the fuzzed guitar tone is characteristic of the latter three bands on these particular tracks. The chorus sounds like the lead in to the chorus of both "Rock N' Roll All Nite" and "Livin' After Midnight" (though I don't think either of these predate 1975). "Stranger In Your Town" begins like ZZ Top during the intro - and I mean intro as there is some narrative bit that ends with announcing the song. No mention of this being live, so it must have been for some guidance as they were laying down the tracks. It ends up sounding like Neil Young with a fuller sound - truly a blues-rock number. Think of these as merely touchstones, though, sort of the Cliff Notes guide to Twilight.

"Day And Night" and "Ships Sailing On Sea" are probably the closest to prog of the bunch, the guitar solo during "Stranger..." makes that come awfully close. "Day And Night" begins with atmospherics - strumming guitar and the sound of wind. Keys and drums come into the mix, keys taking the lead before Kramarz guitar comes in. Unlike elsewhere on the album, Kramarz's playing is clean, soaring. H?der's keys are light, like falling rain. Now, when I say Pink Floyd, I'm thinking particularly of Dark Side Of The Moon period. Right at the end, the tones get darker, the guitar heavier in tone ... and the storms takes us out. From a prog perspective, this is my favourite.

From the 70s-southern-rock perspective, it is "Country Waltz." I truly believe had this been released on radio, we'd be turning it up as we do for "Freebird," or other like classics that seem to endure. The whole feel of it is catchy.

Aside from a few singles released at the time, this CD release of Day And Night on the Garden of Delights label represents the only full-length release from Twilight who had disbanded by 1977 - this is more a compilation album, except this is the only album these tracks appeared on. Like other GoD releases, the liner notes are extensive and detailed; included with this release is also a history of the three labels releasing a smattering of prog or near-prog singles, including the two from Twilight.

And while I'm tempted to say that if the label keeps making finds like this (along with those we've already reviewed), there's no question that there's a GoD ... I won't only because it sounds contrived and corny. Instead I'll say, if the Garden Of Delights keeps making finds like these ... they are going to be a reissue label to be reckoned with. That they've released some 40-odd titles already suggests they are already are.

Day And Night (8:25) / Country Waltz (3:43) / Leaving In The Morning (5:50) / Rock 'N' Roll Chillun' (4:43) / Stranger In Your Town (7:20) / White Queen Boogie (4:00) / Last Night In Verona (2:34) / Ships Sailing On Sea (5:27)

Volkmar Kramarz - guitar and vocals
Ulrich H?lder - keyboards
J?rgen Bieler - bass and vocals
Roland Gl?sser - drums and percussion

Day And Night (1975/2000)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin DE

Added: October 31st 2000
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
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Language: english


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