III Milenio - Alian?a de Tempos

Year of Release: 1993
Label: Musea Records
Catalog Number: FGBG 4077
Format: CD
Total Time: 76:55:00

I've had this awhile but have never managed to listen to it more than once or twice. My initial impression wasn't favourable. It opens with a trumpet like phrase worthy of - oh what's that chariot race movie with Charlton Heston? Ben Hur? Anyway, the day of the race is here, they're lined up and waiting for the start. 'Course that has nothing to do with the concept here, so we'll have to abandon all that.

Ah yes. The wheezy vocals on "Verge of Dawn/Foundation" (and elsewhere) were what I remember most. Now, it's a vocal effect to be sure. The emphysema ridden old man is imparting wisdom - Tavan, I presume, looking back in reflection of his life. We then get some great Italian symphonic prog, richly dynamic - except they're Brazilian. This has that same classical influence that many Italian progressive bands have.

Aliança de Tempos comprises their debut album plus additional tracks appended to this Musea release, forming the second act of the story, called "Filhos Das estrellas" (Son Of The Stars). Act I is entitled "Tawan".

As expected, the album is sung in Portuguese - at least, I think it's Portuguese. Portuguese is/was a dominant language in Brazil, so it stands to reason. But the lyrics are only printed in English and this as a supplement part of the package that includes a plethora of black and white live shots of the band.

The vocals are okay. Not great, but not awful, except for the "older" voice. But, it all fits in with the extremely theatrical feel of the album - more dramatic than your average drama filled disc. There are parts of the album that feel as if they were recorded live, with subpar equipment. Starting at about track three, everything seems much further back in the mix. The Mark Kelly-like keys seem to push forward out of the mix, though for all to brief a time.

Overall, it's musically a great disc, and the only minus for me were some of the vocals, as mentioned.

Act I: Tawan: Prelude (3:18) / Verge of Dawn/Foundation (7:18) / War Of Heads (5:14) / Unfinished Illusion I/Gestation Of The Future (1:57) / City Lights (6:02) / Unfinished Illusion II (0:48) / Let There Be Light/Sail In The Wind (3:43) / Body And Soul (0:28) / Guardian Of Echoes (5:01) / Paths And Ways (1:02) / Points And Shadows (2:28) / Leaves To The Wind (5:32) / Agony (1:48) / Lights And Colours (1:40) / Ecstasy (1:14) / Act II: Sons Of The Stars: Tawan (8:59) / Voracious Life (2:01) / The Skin Of The Time (5:41) / Facing The Infinite (2:55) / Apiron (1:51) / Unfinished Illusion III (0:37) / Sons Of The Stars (4:30) / Alliance Of The Times (2:48)

Aron Shade - vocals
Gil Vieira - guitars, vocals, backing vocals
Ivan Lion - guitars, vocals, backing vocals
Roberto Braga - piano, keys, synthesizers, vocals (16-23)
Andre Georges - drums, orchestral percussion, vocals


Fabio Ribeiro - piano and synthesizers (16, 19, 20, 22, 23)

Alian?a de Tempos (1993)

Genre: Symphonic Prog

Origin BR

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Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
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