Various - E Tu Vivrai Nel Terrore

Year of Release: 1999
Label: Black Widow Records
Catalog Number: BWR025
Format: CD
Total Time: 153:21:00

The more you start to situate progressive rock in the world the more you have to admit what an important part Italy has played over the years (and still does!). In the seventies bands like Banco, Le Orme, Il Balletto di Bronzo, PFM, Osanna, Goblin and an army of "unknown prog gods" paved the way for an "Italian school," whilst also today many musicians have chosen the wonderful world of progressive rock to show off their talents. All of this is covered, especially in Italy, by a decent amount of mystery and an idolization for horror and black/white movies. Once again and ideal reason for the Italian Black Widow Records to engage itself for the creation of an homage to the address of the B-movie in the field of horror.

Spread over 2 CDs (or 3 LPs for the limited vinyl edition) no fewer than 29 artists give their impression of this weird art form. Based around original compositions plus interesting cover versions, bands like Malombra, Ars Nova, Presence, Sun Dial, Standarte, Morte Macabre, Abiogenesi, Bevis Frond, Somnambulist and many others take us on a journey through dark, gloomy progressive rock, psychedelic elements and even folk influences. That's how the strong "Mask of Satan" by Northwinds starts: soft, babbling acoustic guitars and a folky tin whistle, whilst due to the sudden use of raw guitars, the feel of the song steers into the direction of early Black Sabbath. Demons, hell and devil are the main ingredients for this original yet ominous music.

Each of the artists has chosen their favourite cult movie and has tried to put the atmosphere of the film into music. Strongly Mike Oldfield-like is "Candles In The Night" by Al Festa, based on the film Fatal Rames. Very much horror and almost classical is "The Exorcist" by Presence, filled with dreary sounds, a symphonic background, powerful guitar solo and original singing by Sofia Baccini. Almost pure church music is delivered by Iconae by means of their "Mater Tenebrarum," a composition written by Keith Emerson. One of the absolute highlights of this album is delivered by Morte Macabre, a project consisting of two members of Landberk and two from Anekdoten. In "Irrealta Di Suoni" of course we hear lots of mellotron; sort of the Swedish trademark par excellence! In order to underscore the atmosphere of course classical elements such as choir, cello and violin are heavily used.

The makers of this album want to illustrate that the impact of the movie sometimes is there thanks to the soundtrack. Let's think of the music by Goblin in the film Deep Red, the original sounds of Mike Oldfield during The Exorcist and the sounds of Angelo Badalamenti, which sets your teeth on edge during Twin Peaks. Strangely enough the "mystery" is often put in the picture by means of repetitive piano such as in "Necropolis incl. Verso l'Ignoto" from the superb Standarte (thus including tons of mellotron!) and "Laudanum" from Somnambulist (with outstanding synth work from Jody Parks!). That piano is also the main instrument during "LV-426" by Claudio Simonetti, one time the brain behind Goblin or the founders of this sort of music.

The album is delivered in a sleeve designed by the famous Hans Rudi Giger (also check out ELP's Brain Salad Surgery), together with an 80 page book which tells you the story of the horror movie, nicely illustrated with several photographs and reproductions of old movie posters. A must have!

Disc One: Eugenio Mucci - 'Intro' (1:35) / Death SS - 'Ave Satani' (3:23) / Tenebre - 'Where Dreams And Nightmares Collide' (6:06) / Northwinds - 'Mask Of Satan' (10:33) / Malombra - 'Devils' (5:23) / Akron - 'Il Mulino Delle Donne Di Pietra' (5:37) / Al Festa - 'Candles In The Night' (4:34) / Wounded Knee - 'Phenomena' (4:33) / Presence - 'The Exorcist' (8:48) / Iconae - 'Mater Tenebrarum' (2:42) / Sun Dial - 'Theme From Psychomania' (5:09) / God Zilla - 'I Compagni Di Baal' (5:05) / A Piedi Nudi - 'La Casa Delle Finestre Che Ridono' (6:14) / Standarte - 'Necropolis Incl. Verso L:Ignoto' (9:18)

Disc Two: Claudio Simonetti - 'LV-426' (2:57) / Ars Nova - 'Ainsel' (4:58) / Lingam - 'Devo Ma Non Posso' (6:30) / Helden Rune - 'Nocturnal Voices' (6:31) / Humus - 'El Vampiro' (7:09) / Morte Macabre - 'Irrealta Di Suoni' (3:11) / Abiogenesi - 'Belfagor' (6:10) / Il Segno Del Comando - 'Macabro Suite' (9:46) / Bevis Frond - 'Dead Of Night' (4:05) / Somnambulist - 'Laudenam' (7:46) / Una Stagione All:Inferno - 'La Ballata Di Carini' (5:08) / The Black - 'Suspira Et ?' (7:01) / Nekropolis - 'The Curse Of Tut-Anch-Amun' (4:40) / Mottorismus - 'Klub 99' (2:40) / Maethelyah - 'Outro' (0:29)



Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin VA

Added: February 1st 2000
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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Language: english


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