Mellow - Another Mellow Winter

Year of Release: 1999
Label: Atmosph?riques
Catalog Number: 2332-2
Format: CD
Total Time: 49:04:00

Unexpected inventiveness from the country that normally is so keen into recycling old stuff, with a main emphasis on the sixties: France. With a firm foot in the artistic freedom of the analogue seventies and the floating psychedelica of the Syd Barrett era, Another Mellow Winter from the project Mellow calmly enters our living room. The result is surprisingly refreshing with logical links towards Placebo, Radiohead and Air. It's that latter band, Air, which once had Patrick Woodcock as a member. Post-modern soundtrack through everyday life with airy pop tunes in authentic Cardigans style in "Instant Love" (nice Burt Bacharach horns!). Mellow walks the thin line between electric and acoustic instruments with first generation analogue synths and some of the world's very first drum-machines as safety net. "Shinda Shima" has something mystic about it by using a vocoder and can be situated nearby King Crimson's "Epitaph" where mood is concerned. Really a very entertaining album which is still growing on me even after twenty or more spins. In fact this little album is addictive. Never thought I would ever admit being an "addict." And NO I don't need any help, thank you very much!

Lovely Light (3:56) / Mellow Part 1 (3:47) / Instant Love (3:15) / Shinda Shima (4:29) / Another Mellow Winter (6:14) / Bells (0:57) / Mellow Rganic Version (5:56) / Lost Night (4:) / Violet (2:07) / Interlude (4:51) / Sun Dance (4:01) / Mellow Part 2 (1:01) / Overture (3:12) / Paris Sous La Neige (3:58)

Pierre Begon-Lours - drums, breakbeats, samples, percussion
St?phane Luginb?hl - Moog, samples, percussion, vocals
Patrick Woodcock - guitars, bass, mandolin, tuba, piano, mellotron, organ, stylophone, vocals
Julien Dixneuf - drums
Xavier Benoist - acoustic guitar
Alexis Assadourian - Fender Rhodes
Georgina Baird-Smith - cello

Mellow (ep) (1998)
Another Mellow Winter (1999/2004)
The Morning After Paintdrops (ep) (2000)
Paris Sous La Neige (2000)
Take Me Higher (ep) (2002)
Dragonfly, A Soundtrack To The Motion Picture 'CQ' (2002)
Perfect Colors (2004)

Genre: Electronic

Origin FR

Added: March 1st 2000
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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