Hadded - Deuses, Anjos, Homens E Bestas

Year of Release: 1997
Label: Long Live Rock
Catalog Number: 199001831
Format: CD
Total Time: 39:19:00

A very pleasant surprise certainly has to be this release by the Brazilian band Haddad. On Deuses, Anjos, Homens E Bestas this six piece alternates vocal with instrumental tracks and if it's sung then you get that added bonus of Brazilian singing, which automatically adds a special atmosphere. Very symphonic and one of the highlights of this album is noted in the form of "Pedra Do Lagarto" with some classical keyboard playing surrounded by a wonderful synthetic string arrangement. "Se O Ceu Nao Tem Almas Para Nos Dar" swings in a jazzy way through various styles characterized by a decent amount of synths performed here by the band's leader Gustavo Haddad. Because of the many breaks and the various changes in tempo it's as if this song is a series of various themes written by different members of the band and all linked together. That's why at the end of the song you get some George Benson guitar thrown in. The band is also brilliant where vocal harmonies are concerned. Listen to "O Eu Dividido" where Brazilian is exchanged for a mouthful of English. "Vidacidente Feliz" finally holds some southern acoustic guitar but for my taste it's a bit too far in the mix. The too short "Everglades" has guitarist Paulo Pelissari shine as the small brother of Carlos Santana. "O Archaeopteryx : A Verdade Sobre As Gondolas De Marte" not only has the longest title, it's also the longest track on this album and if you say long in the Haddad household then you know you'll find many different styles all tucked into one. The intro has a very dramatic build up in order to end in a soft jazzy atmosphere including a sultry saxophone. So all in all a very diverse album with that great southern flavour in every song and an interesting display of compositional skill. Maybe some of the songs are a bit on the short side but I'd rather have them short and full of meaning than long and senseless!

Also released by Rock Symphony, RSLN???

Metatron (1:50) / Recordac?es De Outro Mundo (4:44) / Pedra Do Lagarto (2:54) / Se O C?u N?o Tem Almas Para Nos Dar (8:05) / Arcanjo Gabriel (2:00) / O Eu Dividido (3:50) / O Vazio O Aben??a, Axxel (2:58) / Vidacidente Feliz (2:40) / Everglades (1:55) / O Archaeopteryx : A Verdade Sobre As G?ndolas De Marte (8:30)

Gustavo Haddad - vocals, keyboards
Leandro Haddad - acoustic guitar
Eric Carvalho - drums
Paulo Pelissari - acoustic and electric guitars
Rubens Oliveira - bass
Zezito Haddad - sax

Haddad (1993)
Blues E Outros Bichos (1996)
Deuses, Anjos, Homens E Bestas (1997)
Orion (2000)
Blue Notes (2001)
Ars Vita Longa Brevis (2004)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin BR

Added: May 29th 2000
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

Artist website: www.rockprogressivo.com.br/haddad/
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Language: english


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