Ayreon - Actual Fantasy Revisited

Year of Release: 2004
Label: InsideOut Music
Catalog Number: 65090
Format: CD
Total Time: 79:55:00

After Ayreon in 1995, surprised friend and foe with his fantastic rock opera, he came back a year later with a very special album: Actual Fantasy. This was a very electronic-based album, with, in Ayreon terms, only three vocalists, and Arjen Lucassen himself played almost all other instruments. In the mean time, some 8 years have passed and Ayreon has changed record labels, so the back catalogue is revamped and re-released.

The first two (The Universal Migrator albums and Into The Electric Castle) did have some extras, compared to the original versions, but the most added value is found in this re-release! Because for this 2004 version, Arjen Lucassen recorded almost everything again, some even from scratch! The drum computer has been replaced by the only human drum computer, Ed Warby (Gorefest, Ayreon), the bass is played by Peter Vink (Finch, Star One). Besides that, Arjen himself played most of the guitar parts as well as lots of the synthesizer parts. Last but not least, the sampled flute has been replaced by the work of Ewa Alberink (Quidam, Star One).

Now this should have been sufficient, as the result is amazing! Actual Fantasy blows out of your speakers like never before, and the whole sound is slightly different than the original, especially in "Forevermore" it is very obvious, with a brand new guitar part. But no, it had to be bigger. In this time of DVD players and home cinema sets, a DVD was added that offered Actual Fantasy Revisited in dolby 5.1 surround. In case you wanted to turn on your TV, you can also enjoy all kinds of psychedelic computer animations that fit the music perfectly.

Also the original Actual Fantasy album is available on the DVD as a bonus, and you get a a video clip (both in 5.1 as 2.0) and a sort of "Making of," where Arjen Lucassen, Peter Vink and Ed Warby show how much fun they had in recording this album.

About the contents, nothing more need to be said, as every dedicated Ayreon fan knows the original. But Actual Fantasy Revisited has such an added value that this should not be missing from your collection. But also, the person who likes solid prog rock very much, but has not dared to try Actual Fantasy, will be able to appreciate this version very much, because one way or the other, Arjen Lucassen is and always stay a genius. That he may favour us with his amazing music for a long time to come!

Actual Fantasy / Abbey of Synn / The Stranger from Within / Computer Eyes / Beyond the Last Horizon / Far Side of the World / Back on Planet Earth / Forevermore / The Dawn of Man

Bonus DVD: Actual Fantasy Revisited 2004 - 5.1 Surround Mix / Actual Fantasy 1996 - original version / Video clip The Stranger from Within - 5.1 & 2.0 / Featurette: Recording drums, bass and guitar 2004

Arjen Lucassen - guitars, keyboards, banjo, bass, Hammond, harpsichord, lute, mandolin, Mellotron, Mini-moog, vocals
Cleem Determeijer - keyboards, piano, synths
Edward Reekers - vocals
Okkie Huysdens - vocals
Ren? Merkelbach - Hammond, harpsichord, keyboards
Robert Soeterboek - vocals
Peter Vink - bass
Ewa Alberink - flute

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Genre: Symphonic Prog

Origin NL

Added: November 30th 2004
Reviewer: Marcel Haster
Artist website: www.ayreon.com
Hits: 1837
Language: english


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