Mind Odyssey - Keep It All Turning

Year of Release: 1993
Label: Rising Sun Records
Catalog Number:
Format: CD
Total Time: 50:54:00

Larry covered both Keep It All Turning and Schizophrenia in the same review; they are indexed separately -ed Jan 2006

I'd normally review these discs, but they really aren't my favorite style of metal enough for me to rave about it, and I've never seen much buzz about this band enough to put in the time to push it... However, I just got the Schizophrenia disc in a trade and I'd like to comment on the discs because of the great disparity in sound and style between them. This phenomenon has always intrigued me, if not disinterested me in a band...

Keep It All Turning

I needed some air guitar material a long time ago, and although I had a hard time getting used to the singer on tape, I eventually bit and grabbed this for the air playing I was lacking in my life... Actually, this is a fun "metal" disc, not breaking any new ground or turning any heads, but it has all the ingredients of a neat little power metal disc. If you can imagine what Judas Priest might sound like mixed with Helloween, then you have an idea of what this band sounds like, right down to the singer. It's a 4-piece, standard guitar / drums / bass / vocals lineup, and they do a great job of making themselves sound a lot bigger than they really are. This is probably due to the NOISE logo attached to their jewel case.... ;o) Mixing pure, straight ahead Judas Priest style metal with some Helloween-ish speed here and there, this band pretty much gives you some serious air guitar playing material... While it sounds serious, it has the feel of a "fun" disc, meaning that it's too basic to dissect, but I think the emphasis is on "metal" in it's pure form rather than to try to hide it with other bands' styles.... The sound is great, and the singer will take some getting used to. Imagine Rob Halford meets Michael Kiske with an accent.....while this guy has a good voice, it can be a bit whiny within the harmonies, and I've always likened his voice to someone who is singing in a tunnel, or a garbage can ... it has some strange tone that reminds me of this setting for some reason... I don't say run and out and grab this disc at all costs, but if you are a "metal" collector, and like that Judas Priest / Helloween sound, this is a good disc to own... It doesn't get much play time from me unless I feel like whipping out the ole' air guitar, but I won't get rid of this either, which says something about the disc ...


What the hell happened to this band in just a short period?? In just 2 years, this band went right down the tubes ... from the music, to the vocals, this one is just the epitomy of a band that lost its vision, goal and style..... I imagine that the basic approach to their music probably had something to do with the lack of ideas, but I wouldn't have a problem with the same music versus a bad attempt to alter their style ... what has happened is that the band seems to want to head into a more "commercial" sound, and it's not working.

The singer has gone totally whiny, the music has lost it's edge, it's heaviness, and in it's place are more "happy" songs. It's shame too, because even though the band's approach was basic in nature, it was a nice blend of power / melody that gave them their sound. Now they want to resort to anthems, harmonies, and want you to throw your fist in the air instead of your guitar ... it's not happening. The singer has gone from being a little whiny, to a lot whiny. He was a bit tough to absorb initially, but he kind of grew on you because he was singing his ass off on the first disc, and he has a unique tone to start with. Thrown in these anthem type harmonies, with that whiny, nasally tone of his, and it's really hard to listen to. The music is still basic, but now it seems more amateurish ... this is not a style in which you head backwards ... it's important for bands of this style to grow, but to try to commercialize a basic style is definitely a no-no and a sell-out to fans who like this straight ahead metal approach ... The sound is still nice and thick, however, the Rising Sun logo now appears on the side of the jewel case ... I would imagine that their next disc, if any, will brandish another label, and probably will be harder to find than this disc already is ... the inscription on the back of the disc reads, "No one will ever be able to escape Schizophrenia" ... well, it's not a difficult thing to do in my opinion ... avoid this disc unless you are a TRUE Mind Odyssey fan and want it for your collection, but I don't know any dedicated MO fans. Just the ones that like the way they make you whip out the air Guitar ... this disc will make you whip out your Helloween or Blind Guardian discs to erase the memory of this one...

Also released by Noise Records (N 0238-2)

Possessed By You (4:06) / The Reaper (4:51) / Because Of You (5:16) / Illusions (6:06) / Fire In The Sky (4:53) / Odyssey (6:16) / Keep It All Turning (3:47) / Open Fire (4:00) / Stranger In The City (5:56) / I've Opened My Eyes (5:43)

Mario Le Mole - vocals, bass
Dan Uhden - guitar
Rocco Stellmacher - guitar
Volker Schultz - drums

Keep It All Turning (1993)
Schizophrenia (1995)
Nailed To The Shade (1998)
Signs (1999)

Genre: Progressive/Power Metal

Origin DE

Added: June 1st 2000
Reviewer: Larry "LarryD" Daglieri

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