Cobweb Strange - The Temptation Of Successive Hours

Year of Release: 1996
Label: self-released
Catalog Number: CPR 1001
Format: CD
Total Time: 42:48:00

As on their succeeding release, Sounds From The Gathering, Cobweb Strange have a sound that has strong nods to classic Rush, but really only here and there, and mainly down to the bass playing of Wade Summerlin, most apparent on the instrumental "Self-Indulgence." Summerlin is also the main composer of the album's 10 tracks. Summerlin is a good lyricist, at least in painting images and ideas. The arrangements, but for an exception or two, are quite lively.

Production wise, I hear some great separation. One can hear each an every cymbal accent of Derek Rinehart's and each and every guitar note of Jonathan Burke (who was replaced by Keith Rinehart for Sounds). But, sonically, the sound is a little tinny. "Gentle Darkness" is a very mournful sounding track, though it has some great shimmering guitar. In fact, it can be said of the whole album that the musicianship here is very good; I am quite impressed with the performances here, though Summerlin as a vocalist is a bit flat a times. His best performance is on "Solver" which is a harder rocking tune. What I do like is the way Summerlin sings, his phrasing, as on the opener "Clarity's Advent" or on "Solver."

"Away From Truth," has a sort of Celtic/Gordon Lightfoot feel about it, especially as Burke, who sings lead on this track only, has very Lightfoot like cadence. "Edicius" has a metal energy to it, though because everything is low in the mix, it does assault you like a metal tune, nor does have the sharp edges. It's funny, but I could see this doing well on radio?right along side Green Day or the like (though I like this much, much better). At lot of that has to do with tempo, which might also be likened to some Metallica riffs around Master Of Puppets or Ride The Lightening. Side by side, you're not going to confuse the two bands, but there is a similarity in structure and rhythm here ? I hear it on "Giant," too. I thought of "Disposable Heroes."

There is one lyric that I find to be quite astute: "If you choose to leave / You won't know what you'll achieve / And your future's much worse than your past?" (where "leave" means, of course, suicide).

I think this is a great disk, as I've enjoyed listening to it.

Clarity's Advent (4:37) / The Sand Reckoner (4:01) / Gentle Darkness (5:21) / Away From Truth (2:57) / Solver (3:47) / First (5:01) / Edicius (4:21) / Giant (4:01) / Self-Indulgence (2:51) / Astral Projection (7:11)

Wade Summerlin - bass, lead and backing vocals
Derik Rinehart - drum and percussion
Jonathan Burke - guitar

Thoughts Under Glass (1995) (ep)
The Temptation Of Successive Hours (1996)
Sounds From The Gathering (1998)
Seamless Selections (2002)
A Breath of October (2002)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: July 1st 2000
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
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Language: english


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