Lindh, Pär - Gothic Impressions

Year of Release: 1994
Label: Crimsonic
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 52:07:00

In two words: this is a classic masterpiece! You can view this comparison from various angles. At first most of the music here dates from the end of the seventies yet due to the difficulty with progressive rock in that period of time the project was postponed time and time again. Due to the sudden interest in the genre (thank you Internet!), the Crimsonic label was founded which released this magnificent symphonic rock CD filled to the rim with mellotron, church organ and Hammond in order to "push" the "modern" sound of samples and synths to the background. From a compositional view this album certainly can be called classical by means of the way how the album is built, the emotional atmosphere, the skilled vocals, the complexity throughout. With Keith Emerson and Bach as main influences, P?r Lindh is surrounded on this album by some of the most outstanding musicians around. You get the flute of Anna Holmgren, the harp of Lovisa Stenberg in the superb "Green Meadows Land," the oboe of Bj?rn Johansson and the lute of H?kan Ljung as acoustic counterparts. Connoisseurs will certainly enjoy the inclusion of guitarist Jonas Engdegard and bass player Johan H?gberg both from ?ngl?gard. Gothic Impressions is one hour of musical orgasm by means of some of the best symphonic rock ever produced. Even if these compositions date from the seventies and they contain a fair amount of clich?s, the album has been recorded with the best equipment with the guarantee of a crystal-clear sound. This album is the Claudia Schiffer amongst prog rock albums: beautiful, beautiful, absolutely beautiful!

Dresden Lamentation (2:06) / The Iconoclast (7:04) / Green Meadow Lands (7:24) / The Cathedral (19:33) / Gunnlev's Round (2:50) / Night On Bare Mountain (13:50)

Pär Lindh - keyboards
Roine Stolt - acoustic guitar
Bjørn Johansson - classical guitar, bassoon, tin whistle
Johan Hägberg - bass
Jonas Engdegard - electric guitar
Mattias Olsson - drums, percussion
Jocke Ramsell - electric guitar
Anna Holmgren - flute

Gothic Impressions (1994/2004)
Rondo (EP) (w/ Bjørn Johansson) (1995)
Bilbo (w/ Bjørn Johansson) (1996)
Mundus Incompertus (1997)
Live In America (1999)
Veni Vidi Vici (2001)
Live In Iceland (2002)
Dreamsongs From Middle Earth (w/ Bjørn Johansson) (2004)
Live In Poland (2008)
Time Mirror (2011)

Live In Poland (DVD) (2008)

Genre: Symphonic Prog

Origin SE

Added: July 3rd 2000
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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