Holding Pattern - Holding Pattern

Year of Release: 1998
Label: Cleefo
Catalog Number: AVL98117
Format: CD
Total Time: 27:57:00

Holding Pattern's self-titled debut release, recently re-released by Cleefo Records is a beautifully composed and played quartet of instrumental tracks - symphonic in nature. There is that same lyrical expansiveness that I've heard a lot of in Italian progressive music. The arrangements are lush and the production balances the instruments well.

Even with three of the album's four tracks at 7-plus minutes, this disk seems far too short. The shortest track is the rockier and puts the keyboards at the front. There is a slight dance groove to it about halfway in. Not disco, mind you, which was already on the wane by the time this was first released in 1981, but funky enough that you could dance to it, sort of. Not to be confused with Duran Duran either, mind you, as "New Wave" was approaching during this period as well. There is a refrain in both "Another Point Of View" which opens the album and "Out Of The Tunnels" played by Jerry Lalancette on bass that recall the Beatles' "She's So Heavy" - very deep ascending then descending notes. The great guitar work is by Tony Spada, drums and percussion by Robert Hutchinson, and all the keyboard work is Mark Tannenbaum (mellotron, mini-Moog, and Hammond organ among them).

Aside from its Beatles-esque moment, "Out Of The Tunnels" begins with a nod toward Rush of the same period, perhaps a bit earlier. Okay, here's the complete thought: if 2112-period Rush were to play the Beatles' "She's So Heavy," with an added keyboardist, this is what you'd get. Haven't decided yet if this is my favourite of the four, as track one and two are close contenders...and track three.

This music strikes all the right notes with me, the beautiful emotive playing, arrangements that breathe, and that sense of being taken on a journey...again, a journey that is all too short.

Another Point Of View (7:43) / Honor Before Glory (7:39) / Jigsaw Dream (5:32) / Out Of The Tunnels (7:43)

Mark Tannenbaum - Grand piano, Fender Rhodes, Mellotron, Mini Moog, Hammond Organ, and Arp Omni
Tony Spada - electric and acoustic guitars
Jerry Lalancette - bass and Taurus bass pedals
Robert Hutchinson - drum set and percussion

Holding Pattern (1981/1998)
Majestic (1992)
Breaking The Silence (2007)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: August 16th 2000
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
Artist website: www.holdingpatternusa.com
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Language: english


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