Ad Infinitum - Ad Infinitum

Year of Release: 1998
Label: Kinesis
Catalog Number: KDCD 1022
Format: CD
Total Time: 77:34:00

If you like 70s-style progressive rock, here's a CD you can't miss. When Ad Infinitum member Todd Braverman left his previous band, Cathedral, his plan was to record a 70s-style progressive rock album that brought together the styles of the bands he liked from that time. And the project was definitely a success! Ad Infinitum boasts great lead vocals (they have two lead singers), terrific harmonies, a wonderful sense of melody, and the instrumental chops to bring the whole thing home. I don't know who their inspirations were, but judging by the sound of this album, Genesis and Ambrosia are at the head of the list, with Yes and Starcastle not far behind.

Of all the influences I hear, Genesis and Ambrosia come through the strongest. For example, the track "Physician Heal Thyself" sounds much like Gabriel-era Genesis except performed in a more modern style. The track, "A Winter's Tale" also has a strong Genesis feel. "All Hallows Eve" sounds like acoustic Genesis at first, before the arrangement goes electric with haunting melodies and lush orchestral keyboards.

Other songs like "Immortality" and "Waterline" start off like long-lost Starcastle pieces, but then evolve into Ambrosia-like verses and choruses filled out with proggy middle sections that would have made Genesis proud. Sometimes, you'll swear that it's David Pack (Ambrosia) singing and Tony Banks (Genesis) diddling the keys.

Although the track "Rain Down" is more mainstream than the rest of the album (not to mention my least favorite song here), the magnificent "Overland" is this band's masterpiece, with strong Yes and Starcastle elements and a powerful, moving ending that gives the listener goosebumps. (I wonder why this wasn't the album's closer.)

All in all, this is one terrific album.

Ad Infinitum (8:26) / Immortality (7:02) / Waterline (11:00) / Physician Heal Thyself (4:25) / A Winter's Tale (10:22) / Rain Down (5:21) / Overland (8:43) / All Hallows Eve (8:29) / Neither Here Nor There (11:19) / Ad Infinitum (Reprise) (2:27)

Todd Braverman - keyboards, guitar, bass, Taurus pedals
Craig Wall - guitar, bass, background vocals
Goose - lead and background vocals, percussion
Ilan Goldman - keyboards, lead and background vocals
Don DiPaolo - drums

Ad Infinitum (1998)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: January 1st 2001
Reviewer: Clayton Walnum

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