Porcupine Tree - 'Shesmovedon'

Year of Release: 2000
Label: Snapper
Catalog Number: SMASCD 120
Format: CD
Total Time: 18:55:00

With the album Lightbulb Sun it finally looks like Porcupine Tree is getting the recognition it has merited for years. Both the good distribution and the promotional help of the record company put the band into a better league than ever before. Steve Wilson has always been one of the few honest men in music when he says : 'I want to sell millions of albums and become very rich!' As long as he delivers the kind of music like this brilliantly crafted popsong "Shesmovedon" I have no problem with him becoming Madonna's neighbour at all!

There are three versions of this single, one 7" vinyl and two CD singles. This here is the most common one (although I asked the record company to reserve ALL formats so I could BUY them and review them!). Apart from an edited version of the already well known "Shesmovedon" there are two more songs on this one. "Cure For Optimism" starts off in an experimental, ambient kind of way before acoustic guitar and that "spoken-sung" approach of Steve, and it also introduces layers of mellotron. Not sure about LSD-trips here but I do have my doubts when he sings about "a serpent with a mobile phone." Nokia anyone?

The second bonus track is a band composition called "Untitled." Opening with muted Fender Rhodes and cello this song was apparently improvised in the studio on 15th March 2000. The ambient soundscape is soon filled with outstanding upright bass from Colin Edwin. A treat! Then it's drummer Chris Maitland's turn to add more power and meanwhile offer the ideal backdrop for some of Wilson's experimental guitarwork. To end this "typical" Porcupine Tree instrumental it's back to silence only disturbed by the Fender Rhodes and some Fripp-like guitar.

The other CD single (SMAXCD 120) holds a demo version of "Russia On Ice" whilst the 7" (SMAS7 120) has "Novak" as B-side.

Shesmovedon (edit) (3:50) / Cure For Optimism (6:13) / Untitled (8:52)

Steve Wilson - vocals, guitars
Richard Barbieri - keyboards
Chris Maitland - drums
Colin Edwin - bass

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Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin UK

Added: September 11th 2000
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

Artist website: www.porcupinetree.com
Hits: 865
Language: english


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