Tempus Fugit - The Dawn After The Storm

Year of Release: 1999
Label: Rock Symphony
Catalog Number: RSLN 032
Format: CD
Total Time: 55:04:00

Some of the best in progressive rock is coming out of the Brazil these days and its reputation for being a hot bed of great talent is well deserved. Tempus Fugit is one band that helps add to that reputation. The band has released only 2 studio albums and one live work. All their works are superbly recorded and full of wonderful music.

The Dawn After The Storm is fifteen minutes shorter than their full length (70 min) first release, Tales From A Forgotten World, yet adds more diversity to the soundscapes. There's generally a mellower sound though the ripping interplay between keys and guitar are still there. What exemplifies Tempus Fugit's music, and most Brazilian prog rock in general, is the use of strong lead guitar and analog synth, bridging the era of classic prog and the neo sound. Most of the music is instrumental driven. When the band sings, it approaches AOR, taking in a kind of Alan Parson's type feel.

The two instrumental tracks, both over 8 minutes in length have the traditional symphonic sounds of Tempus Fugit's first CD, with soaring passages sandwiched between mellow spacier moments. The synths of Andre Mello especially stand out. Song three, "Never," is vocally driven and my least favorite on the CD. It has its moments but for the most part is too commercial for the band's repertoire and - being a ballad - even approaches a cheesy sound.

The acoustic tapestries of track 4, "Tocando Voci", are wonderful. The song begins with some tasteful mandolin and slowly builds into a symphonic mosaic of keys and subdued guitar. Track 5 is equally as strong. Though a pounding back beat threatens to lift this song to rocker status at the beginning, the music stays mellow. Some moody string synths (AKA mellotron) and Eloy-esque lead synth keeps the song in the dreamy melodic mode.

The short "Preludia De Sevilla" is nothing more than a bit of Spanish guitar and is meant as a bridge into song 7, "The Sight." Some nice melodic bass by Andre Luis ties the traditional Tempus Fugit sound together. Simply a superb prog piece. The singing, still a bit on the weak side, does hold back the song's potential, but the song retains it's power. Of note is Simoes great lead guitar.

"O Dom De Voar" begins with a piano intro (and familiar melody), tied together with nice acoustic guitar and flute to give it a very strong South American folk feel. Though the melody seems to be borrowed from a song I've heard before, this song is still one of my favorites on the CD. If you like pastoral and beautiful melodies, you won't find better than this.

Again folk elements awash "Discovery", the CD's last song. It has echoes of Novalis's first CD in the singing (both have weak singing), but a sense of nostalgia drives me to adore this piece as well. At nearly eight minutes, the song has time to build into a ripping climax and thus end an extremely enjoyable album.

Personally, I'm a little tired of the atonal, angry tones of fusion and metal driven prog of late and Tempus Fugit's decision to move into a more softer, more melodic direction is a welcome one. It's quite a few notches mellower than it's first release so it may come as an unexpected surprise for those looking for that blistering complexity that the band were also good at.

Also released by Musea Records (FGBG 4318.AR)

Daydream (8:30) / The Dawn After The Storm (8:53) (a. Awakening, b. Walking Through The Fields, c. Beyond The Horizon, d. Homeward) / Never (6:07) / Tocando Voc? (6:54) / The Fortress (5:18) / Prel?dio de Sevilla (2:07) / The Sight (4:45) / O Dom de Voar (6:38) / Discover (7:52)

Andr? Mello - keyboards, lead and backing vocals
Ary Moura - drums and electronic percussion
Henrique Simoes - electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, backing vocals
Andr? Luiz - bass guitar, acoustic guitar

Tales From A Forgotten World (1996)
Live - Official Bootleg (1999)
The Dawn After The Storm (1999)
Chessboard (tba)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin BR

Added: August 1st 2000
Reviewer: Richard Zywotkiewicz

Artist website: www.rockprogressivo.com.br/tempusfugit
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Language: english


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