TriPod - TriPod

Year of Release: 2000
Label: self-released
Catalog Number: #
Format: CD
Total Time: 41:57:00

TriPod are a trio based around Clint Bahr on vocals, 8-string bass and bass pedals, Keith Gurland on clarinet, flute, alto and tenor sax, bass pedals, and vocals, and Steve Tobin on drums and percussion. The tenor sax gives their sound a nice bottom end and, as you might expect, a jazz-fusion like feel. I'm a sucker for a sax, as I just love the sound of the instrument. TriPod's sound is quite muscular without resorting to a metal like assault. One of my favourites is light-hearted "No Side of Maybe," which features a catchy chorus: "On the no side of maybe/is where you're going to find me lately..."

"Incident (Suite)" part two, 'Danger Isn't Safe' is ELP with horns - bold and beautiful horns. The ELP aspect comes about in the arrangement and the vocals, which are reminiscent of Black Moon era Greg Lake. "A Most Logical Position" also has an ELP feel about it ... well, yes, but for the horns, it could be ELP (mix in early and late periods together). But they aren't ELP clones as these only represent two aspects of a 9-track album.

"Four Winds" is a bit Rush like around the bass, but otherwise not. A trilling flute starts the track, and steps back for the vocals, but never not present. Well, until Gurland switches to the sax. The vocals are a little flat, but not too bad. There is a point, however, where I swear Bahr is trying not to laugh - just that fractional wavering of finding something amusing, but knowing you've got to keep going. Makes me wonder if they recorded this live in the studio as a group...or what the sound engineer was doing as the vocals were being laid down. I'll have to listen much more closely to see if that is true, though.

Oh, and "Grey Whisper" which closes the album is a beautiful sax led instrumental ballad ... I'm going to make comparisons to Joshua Redmon, whom I quite like when he's playing a more trad jazz style. Yes, this is my favourite track on the album, though it might not be considered progressive.

"Jerome's Spotlight" is the only track that doesn't do it for me right away. But once it gets going two and half minutes in, it reminds me of French TV, whom I've just become acquainted with. Unfortunately, after that, it's just about over and so ends much too soon.

I think some comparisons to Zappa can be made, but I'll admit I'm not really familiar enough with Zappa to make that statement. Based on what other people say about Zappa and my impressions ... I can see that he might be an influence on some of the pieces here, specifically the opening track "Rain Parade" but others as well.

Visit the TriPod site, order their CD, I think you'll enjoy it.

Rain Parade (3:17) / Trip The Light (4:32) / No Side Of Maybe (2:54) / As The Sun (8:03) / Incident (Suite) a. Retro-Glide b) Danger Isn't Safe (7:36) / Four Winds (5:26) / Jerome's Spotlight (2:58) / A Most Logical Position (6:11) / Grey Whisper (2:20)

Clint Bahr - lead vocals, 8-string bass, bass pedals
Keith Gurland - clarinet, flute, alto and tenor sax, bass pedals, and vocals
Steve Tobin - drums, cymbals, percussion
Genya Ravan - backing vocals

TriPod (2000, promo CD)
TriPod (2003)

Genre: Fusion-Jazz Fusion

Origin US

Added: September 1st 2000
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
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