Lightspeed - demo

Year of Release: 2000
Label: n/a
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 57:01:00

Now, it seems that I'm saying often of late that "this disc hasn't left my player." Trouble is, those discs really are having a hard time coming out, and Lightspeed's unnamed demo of their third album is another one with that problem. The band had finished this disk, but ended up not being satisfied with the final mix. Bassist Rod Chappell told me in July that they were "waiting to get the master tracks back so [drummer Terry Crawford] can take them into his Protools studio and re-mix it all." Chappell explains: "The tracks went down very well. The sounds to tape were/are quite well done, but the producer just didn't have a handle on our sound. I suggested that we go back to the way we did it before and get Terry [...] who is an engineer in a major studio to remix the new project."

This review is based on the original mixes for what might be called 3 when it is released [eventually released as Waves -ed.]. I find these tracks to be quite, quite good, so if they weren't satisfied, I imagine what we'll finally hear on the official release will be spectacular.

Lightspeed are more AOR than progressive rock, but this is such a fun disk to listen to. There is tons of energy here, right from the get-go with "Peak Fires." Vocalist John Persichini sounds like Dennis DeYoung (ex-Styx) on this track, but more like Don Henley on the acoustic "Young At Heart," but not exactly ... maybe a younger Henley. Perhaps because it's the first track, but I found "Peak Fires" echoing in my head even when I wasn't listening to it (with three stereos and three stuck discs, I was bouncing from one to the other).

"Waves Of Emotion" is probably the most progressive of the album's 11 tracks with a Pink Floyd-esque instrumental part, mainly in the guitar leads of Gene Murray, but there is also keyboard atmospherics from Gary Chappell that are late 80's Floyd. The song gets into a great groove section before it fades out into the sound of crashing waves - begging for live extended jams.

"Breath Away" is funky rocker and the weakest track here, as it doesn't have quite the same energy or snap as the other tracks. But it does have a catchy chorus, which livens things up. The backing vocal affects are a nice touch. Murray is the highlight with this track with his bluesy guitar solo...I thought of Stevie Ray Vaughn.

"One Last Time" is a beautiful mainly guitar and voice only piece with a bittersweet feel. For the instrumental break, keys gently swell up behind like strings, underscoring Murray's classical picking. Piano sees the track out. Great stuff.

"Bridges" is another standout track that has a strong Kansas feel about it, harking back to their classic sound, but also where Kansas is now. That same feel returns with the rocking "Razor's Edge."

Peak Fires (5:53) / Things To Come (4:03) / Young At Heart (3:41) / Waves of Emotion (6:45) / Breath Away (3:59) / One Last Time (4:57) / Innocence Of Life (5:33) / Bridges (6:54) / Let Me In (6:13) / Razor's Edge (4:41) / Fly Away (7:02)

John Persichini - lead vocals
Rod Chappell - bass and vocals
Gene Murray - lead guitar and vocals
Gary Chappell - keyboards and vocals
Terry Crawford - drums and vocals

So ... Exactly Where Are We?
On Second Thought
Waves (2005)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin CA

Added: October 1st 2000
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
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Language: english


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