Maximum Indifference - The Transmutations Of Supposed Angels Of Beings That Were Once Girls

Year of Release: 2000
Label: Botched Records
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 66:22:00

Aggressive, atmospheric, edgy, ethereal, dense, dimensional, tactile, textural. That's how the trio Maximum Indifference describes itself to the unexpecting audience.

Pure instrumental music has the disadvantage that you have difficulty into add a story to the music. Of course one can always introduce a certain atmosphere, yet the title of the song is maybe the only way to really explain what it's all about. That's probably why the world's best prog trio hailing from the San Fransisco Bay Area has chosen the difficult title The Transmutations Of Supposed Angels Of Beings That Were Once Girls. Listening to the trio's sound, makes you think this is music made by a fivesome. One of the most important assets in creating this "full" sound no doubt is Portnoy-clone Rich Duarte. In duel with bass player Gustaf Fjelstrom (who also produced this album, hence the "killer sound"!) Duarte's drum playing sometimes get close to Neil Peart as well, which no doubt illustrates the genius of this guy.

Maximum Indifference has drums, bass and guitar play in overdrive, augmented by samples and thrifty synths. "Kuang Grade Mark Eleven Penetration Program" is very addictive, not in the least because it combines hard-etched sounds with acoustic guitar in order to create kind of an ebb and flow effect. In "Jack Palance The Ninja," Mark Bladek has his guitar sound like a grown-up version of Hank Marvin, leaving the "vintage" guitar god way back in his "shadow." "Wedge Of Spite" leaves John Myung miles behind when Fjelstrom attacks his bass guitar like a madman. "Aura And Armament" is pure heaven for guitar freaks, and allows Bladek to use all of his technical skills. Then it's back to drummer/percussionist Rich Duarte to really live it up during "Swyncro." Zappa meets Dream Theater meets Crimson meets - yeah, who else do we meet? - in "Client Weasel Tactics" including lots of inventive breaks. In order to create the right atmosphere during any party "Bad Mind Does Does Not" seems like the ideal companion.

The final two songs "Halation" and "Apparatus" form one large piece, clocking in at 23'. This time the story isn't sung but told with pathos by a friend of the band adding the necessary dark mood. The first part of the song holds very little musical background and is mainly focussed on the story. The second part is the musical conclusion of the first which has Mark Bladek shine in all his glory.

Maximum Indifference already has opened for Dream Theater, Steve Morse, Allan Holdsworth and Brand X. With this, their second album, they are truly on their way for international recognition and will certainly tour in their own right before too long. Now if you call yourself a true lover of the current wave of prog you simply need to have this album or you have botched your future. CD-R's, cassette copies and/or minidisc copies strictly forbidden. Just buy the original album and help this band to survive so we can look out for a third album real soon!

Beware The Glabyglop (4:54) / Kuang Grade Mark Eleven Penetration Program (6:06) / Jack Palance The Ninja (3:30) / Wedge Of Spite (4:03) / Aura And Armament (3:21) / Swyncro (4:19) / And Your Point Is? (5:17) / Client Weasel Tactics (3:04) / Sleep Hammer (5:41) / Bad Mind Does Does Not (3:07) / Halation (9:38) / Apparatus (13:22)

Mark Bladek - guitars
Rich Duarte - drums
Gustaf Fjelstrom - bass

Maximum Indifference (1996)
The Transmutations Of Supposed Angels Of Beings That Were Once Girls (2000)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin US

Added: October 1st 2000
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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Language: english


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