Haiku - El Ojo Del Ahora

Year of Release: 1997
Label: Gobi Music
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 60:14:00

If you're into all instrumental music which highlights a musical battle between acoustic guitars and violin then this is your album! This threesome from Argentina revolves around the classical "finesse" from guitarist Alejandro Balbuena, accompanied by the rather dark sounding violin of Sami Abadi. To enhance the intimate music Carlos Fradkin adds a wide selection of percussion, filling in the right amount of open spaces.

"Naranjos" lets the violin play a dramatic solo whilst the guitar answers slightly, again backed by a superb variety of percussion instruments to extra enhance the song. "Perdiendo Mi Tiempo" holds a bit of George Benson in it, although slightly, as of course the violin takes over most of the song. Ominous voices introduce the somewhat dark sounding "Voy Planeando" which also holds repetitive guitar sounds and snareless drums. Glockenspiel is an instrument which is used frequently, trying to "disturb" the sometimes repetitive "loops" between violin and guitar as we can hear in "Sitio Detenido." Again the sombre atmosphere gets the upperhand in "Juntando Luces."

There's more of an uptempo, lively feel in "Dark Schubert" courtesy of Carlos' drumming. The rhythm for "Océano" sounds a bit ethnic which blends well with the rest of the accompaniment. Again the snareless drums adds to the serene atmosphere. "Agustina" sounds very sentimental, again adding glockenspiel to underscore the fragile nature of the song. The final song is the longest of the album being the second part of the title track "El Ojo Del Ahora." There is an underlying violin loop which really stretches the sounds very long, on top of which the actual violin solo is placed. Fradkin adds the sound of seashells to give it a mediterranean flavour but still the song doesn't contain a lot of surprises as it goes on way too long.

Not a bad album but rather restricted where melodies are concerned, resulting in a dark atmosphere throughout. Nevertheless Haiku is the result of very accomplished musicians and is certainly worth a listen.

El Ojo Del Ahora - Parte I (3:37) / Naranjos (2:14) / Amor Como El Agua (2:12) / Perdiendo Mi Tiempo (3:21) / Voy Planeando (4:25) / Sitio Detenido (5:19) / La Siesta Del Duende (2:18) / Lanus En Gris (2:30) / Flores Bajas (5:43) / Juntando Lices (4:24) / Dark Schubert (2:33) / Habitacion (4:50) / Oc?ano (5:34) / Descalzo Y Arena (2:54) / Agustina (2:48) / El Ojo Del Ahora - Parte II (8:12)

Alejandro Balbueno - acoustic guitar, bass
Carlos Fradkin - drums, percussion
Sami Abadi - violin, loops

El Ojo Del Ahora (1997)
Las Voces De Un Rio (2000)

Genre: Other

Origin AR

Added: November 19th 2000
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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