Marillion - The Singles '82 - '88

Year of Release: 2000
Label: EMI
Catalog Number:
Format: CD
Total Time: 00:00:00

Ever since the band's beginning, Marillion fans have always been spoiled. Not only did all of the band's output sport some astonishing artwork, most of the band's 12" singles were also released as picture discs, including some very rare material. A lot of fans had to wait till 1988 for the album B-Sides Themselves to be released to finally get their hands on most of these rare recordings. All the maxi singles from the Fish era have now been re-released in fully restored replicas of the original sleeves, all housed in a beautiful little box. "Market Square Heroes," "Grendel," "Garden Party," "Margaret," "Punch and Judy," "Kayleigh," - it's all there. In all, 45 songs recorded between 1982 and 1988 with a total playing time of nearly four hours. From the very first drum sounds of current Arena drummer Mick Pointer to the swansong of Derek Dick, all compiled onto one of the sure must-haves for the coming festive period.

Nine of the enclosed CD singles surface here on CD for the very first time. Of the other three, the "Incommunicado" single, which was previously released as CD MARIL 6 (which also had a foldout cover) now contains an extra track. The same happens with "Sugar Mice," released before as CD MARIL 7. Only their "Warm Wet Circles" CD single previously released as CD MARIL 8 contains exactly the same material. Several of the extended versions here have already seen the light of day on the 2CD re-issues of the band's back catalogue, but there are several 7" mixes that remain unique to this box set. Also many of the live songs are different to those released on the The Thieving Magpie album so this set certainly is worth having. Looks good on your mantelpiece too!

Make sure that mantelpiece is big enough, though, as there will also be a second box covering the period 1989-1995 and featuring all tracks and B-sides including "Hooks In You," "Uninvited Guest," "Easter," "Cover My Eyes," "No One Can," "Dry Land," "Sympathy," "No One Can (1992)," "The Great Escape," "The Hollow Man," "Alone Again In The Lap Of Luxury" and "Beautiful". So soon you'll be able to use your Fish box and Hogarth box as bookends! Now start saving!

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CD1: Market Square Heroes / Three Boats Down From The Candy / Grendel

CD2: He Knows You Know (Edited 7'' Version) / Charting The Single / He Knows You Know (Edited 12'' Version)

CD3: Garden Party (Edit) / Margaret (Live Edit) / Garden Party / Charting The Single (Live) / Margaret (Live)

CD4: Punch And Judy (7'' Version) / Market Square Heroes (Edited Re-Recorded Version) / Three Boats Down From The Candy (Re-Recorded) / Market Square Heroes (Re-Recorded Version)

CD5: Assassing (7'' Version) / Cinderella Search (7'' Version) / Assassing / Cinderella Search

CD6: Kayleigh (Single Edit) / Lady Nina (Single Edit) / Kayleigh (Alternative Mix) / Kayleigh (Extended Version) / Lady Nina (Extended Version)

CD7: Lavender / Freaks / Lavender Blue

CD8: Heart Of Lothian / Chelsea Monday (Live) / Heart Of Lothian

CD9: Incommunicado / Going Under / Incommunicado (Album Version) / Incommunicado (Alternate Version)

CD10: Sugar Mice / Tux On / Sugar Mice (Radio Edit) / Sugar Mice (Extended Version) CD11: Warm Wet Circles (7'' Remix) / White Russians (Live) / Incommunicado (Live)

CD12: Freaks (Live) / Kayleigh (Live) / Childhoods End? (Live) / White Feather (Live)

Fish - vocals
Steve Rothery - guitars
Ian Mosley - drums (CD4-8)
Pete Trewavas - bass
Mark Kelly - keyboards
Mick Pointer - drums on CD1, CD2 and CD3

Script For A Jester's Tear (1983)
Fugazi (1984)
Reel To Real (1984)
Misplaced Childhood (1985)
Brief Encounter (ep) (1985)
Clutching At Straws (1987/1999)
The Thieving Magpie (1988)
B-Sides Themselves (1988)
Season's End (1989)
Holidays In Eden (1991)
A Singles Collection 1982-1992 (1992)
Live At The Borderline (1992)*
Live In Caracas (1993)*
Live In Glasgow (1993)*
Brave (1994)
The Making Of Brave (1995)*
Afraid Of Sunlight (1995)
Made Again (1996)
Kayleigh (1996) (Dutch comp)
Essential Collection (1996) (UK comp; same as above)
Real To Reel/Brief Encounter (1997)
Best Of Both Worlds (1997)
This Strange Engine (1997)
Rochester (1998)*
Piston Broke (1998)*
Tales From The Engine Room (1998)
Radiation (1998)
Christmas 1998: The Web Christmas (1998)**
Kayliegh: The Essential Collection (1998) (UK comp.; diff. from above)
Unplugged At The Walls (1999)* (1999)
Zodiac (1999)*
Christmas 1999: (1999)** (or bonus disk) (Ver 1-2000)
The Singles: '82 - '88 (box set) (2000/2009)
Christmas 2000: A Piss-Up In A Brewery**
Crash Course (Sampler) (2000)
ReFracted! (2001)*
Anoraknophobia (2001)
Another DAT At The Office (2001)*
Christmas 2001: A Verry Barry Christmas (2001)**
Fallout (2002)*
Anorak In The UK Live (2002)* (or bonus disk) (Ver 2-2002)
Brave Live 2002 (2002)*
Caught In The Net (2002)*
Crash Course (Sampler) (2002)*
The Singles: '89 -'95 (2002)
Brave Live (2002)*
AWOL (2002)**
Christmas 2002: Santa And Elvis (2002)**
The Best of Marillion (2003)
View From The Balcony (2003)**
Christmas 2003: Say Cheese! Christmas With Marillion (2003)**
Curtain Call (2004) (3CD Box)*
Crash Course (2004)*
Marbles (2004)
Remixomatosis (2004)*
Christmas 2004: Baubles (2004)**
Popular Music (CD oop, avail. as download only) (2005)** (or bonus disk) (Ver 3-2005)
View From The Balcony (Sampler) (Ver 2-2005)
Marbles By The Sea (2005)*
Marbles Live (2005)*
Handful Of Marbles (Sampler) (2005)*
Christmas 2005: Merry Xmas To Our Flock (2005)**
Unzipped (The Making Of 'Anoraknophobia') (2005)*
Crash Course (Ver 4 - 2006)
Smoke (2006)*
Mirrors (2006)*
Marbles Vinyl Edition (2006)
Christmas 2006: Jingle Book (2006)**
Somewhere Else (2007)
Crash Course (Ver 5 - 2007)*
Christmas 2007: Somewhere Elf (2007)**
Family (2007)*
Friends (2007)*
Crash Course (Ver 6 - 2008)*
Happiness Is The Road - Volume 1: Essence (2008)
Happiness Is The Road - Volume 2: The Hard Shoulder (2008)
Early Stages - The Official Bootlegs 1982-1987 (6CD Box) (2008)
Christmas 2008: Pudding On The Ritz (2008)**
Happiness Is Cologne (2009)*
Live From Loreley (2009)
Recital Of The Script (2009)
Less Is More (2009)
Size Matters (2010)*
Tumbling Down The Years (2010)*
The Official Bootleg Box Set, Vol. 2 (2010)
Live From Cadogan Hall (2010)*
Live In Montreal / Saturday (2010)*
Live In Montreal / Sunday (2010)*
Keep The Noise Down (sampler) (2010) Deluxe Digipack (2011)
Somewhere Else (2LP) (2011)
Marbles Deluxe Digipack (2011)
Marbles (2LP) (2011)
Live In Montreal / Friday (2011)*
Season's End Live 2009 (2011)*
This Strange Engine Live 2007 (2011)*
Afraid Of Sunlight Live 2003 (2011)*
A-Z (2012)*
This Strange Engine - Deluxe Digipack (2012)
Fugazi (LP) (2012)
Holidays In Eden (LP) (2012)
Sounds That Can't Be Made (2012)
Sounds That Can't Be Made - Deluxe Edition (2012)
Crash Course (2012)*
Sounds Live (2012)*
Anoraknophobia (LP) (2012)
The Glow Must Go On (2012)*
Sleighed Again (Christmas 2012) (2012)**
Best.Live (LP box set) (2013)
Radiation 2013 (2013)
Brave (LP) (2013)
Misplaced Childhood (LP) (2013)
Clocks Already Ticking (CD/DVD) (2013)*
Best Of Leamington (2013)*
Best Of Montreal (2013)*
Brave Live 2002 (CD/DVD) (2013)
Radiation 2013 (LP) (2013)
Somewhere In London (CD/DVD) (2013)
Afraid Of Sunlight (LP) (2013)
Clutching At Straws (LP) (2013)
Sounds That Can't Be Made (LP) (2013)
Brave Live 2013 (2013)
Sounds That Can't Be Made - 2013 Special Edition (2013)*
Proggin Around The Christmas Tree (Christmas 2013) (2013)**
A Sunday Night Above The Rain (dlx bx set) (2014)*
A Sunday Night Above The Rain (Holland version) (2014)*
A Sunday Night Above The Rain (Montreal version) (2014)*
A Sunday Night Above The Rain (3LP) (2014)*
A Collection Of Recycled Gifts (xmas comp.) (2014)*
Live At The Forum (2014)
Chile For The Time Of Year (Christmas 2014) (2014)*
Glass Half Full (2015)
F.E.A.R. (2016)
Waves & Numbers (2016)*
Marbles In The Park (2016)*
Singles Night (2016)*

Recital Of The Script (VHS/DVD) (1983/2003)
Grendel/The Web (VHS EP) (1984)
1983-86 The Videos (VHS [oop]) (1986)
Live From Loreley (VHS/DVD) (1987/2004)
From Stoke Row To Ipanema (VHS/DVD) (1990/2003)
A Singles Collection 1982-1992 (DVD) (1992)
Brave, The Film (VHS/DVD) (1995/2004)
Shot In The Dark (VHS/DVD [oop]) (2000/2002)
The EMI Singles Collection (DVD [PAL only])(2002)
A Piss-up In A Brewery (DVD) (2002/2010)
Brave Live 2002 (DVD) (2002)
Christmas In The Chapel (DVD) (2003)
Before First Light (DVD) (2003)
Wish You Were Here (DVD box, oop) (2005)
Colours And Sound (DVD) (2006)*
Marbles On The Road (DVD) (2005)
Bootlet Butlins (DVD) (2007)*
Somewhere In London (DVD) (2007)
This Strange Convention (DVD) (2009)
Snow De Cologne (DVD) (2009)**
Out Of Season (box set) (DVD) (2010)
Ding Dong Loreley On High (live) (DVD) (2010)
In-Tube DVD Sampler (DVD) (2010)
Out Of Season (DVD boxset) (2010)
Live In Montreal (3DVD) (2011)
Holidays In Zelande (BR) (2012)
Clocks Already Ticking (CD/DVD) (2013)
Brave Live 2002 (CD/DVD) (2013)
Brave Live 2013 (BR & DVD) (2013)
A Sunday Night Above The Rain (BR & DVD) (2014)*
Breaking Records (BR) (2015)
Unconventional (BR & DVD) (2016)
Out Of The Box (BR & DVD) (2016)

* Racket Records releases; ** Fan Club only

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin UK

Added: November 1st 2000
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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Language: english


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