Jadis - Fanatic

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Inside Out
Catalog Number: IOMCD 122/SPV 085-65682
Format: CD
Total Time: 53:24:00

Jadis was formed in 1987 by Gary Chandler and Martin Orford (IQ) and supported IQ on their Nomzamo tour and later also toured with Marillion. In 1992 they released their first album, More Than Meets The Eye, which was received very well. They've released in total 4 studio albums, not counting a rarities album, 3 EPs and two live albums, and now they have released their fifth studio album, Fanatic. The line-up of Jadis has had some changes, with Gary Chandler (vocals and guitar) and drummer Steve Christey being the constant factor. At an early stage John Jowitt (ex-Arena, IQ, bass guitar and backing vocals) joined the band, but due to commitments to IQ, he and Orford (keyboards, backing vocals) left again and Steve Hunt took over the bass guitar and later Mike Torr took over the keyboard duties from Orford, who had stayed on as a session musician. But now they are back in the original line-up.

Fanatic is an example of a well done progressive rock album, with melodic songs, good vocals and balanced arrangements, but without any surprises. The sound of the songs is close to the IQ sound, which is no surprise as half of Jadis also plays in IQ and co-wrote the music, still the band maintains its own musical identity and knows how to compose good and cheerful melodies. Characteristic of the sound of Jadis are the harmony vocals by Gary and his unique guitar playing. There is also plenty of room for the bass guitar, which gives the songs a "full" sound and some excellent guitar solos, like in "I Never Noticed," a song where Christey's drumming sounds a bit like Phil Collins on his solo albums. The title track "Fanatic" is the only instrumental on the album, a very atmospheric song with great keyboard arrangements. One song that stands out is "What Kind Of Reason," a beautiful ballad with excellent vocals and a lot of emotion in this song. This song will touch you. The Special Edition has, outside the digi-pak packaging, a bonus track, the more up tempo "The Flame Is Burning Out," which starts with a heavier riff and (has) as a result, a heavier sound than the rest of the album.

Jadis has definitely delivered a very good album that will find its way to many progressive rock fans, but it did not hold any surprises to me. Not saying I don't like the album, because I do like it, a lot even. But it is a safe album. You know what you can expect when you buy it. If you like IQ, you will most likely like Jadis as well. If you get the chance to see these guys live, do so, as live the kick ass. As Gary himself admits: "I like to go out and make lots of noise," which is very true, live at least, but on CD they keep it down a bit. Maybe it would be nice if they changed that on the next album?

Similar bands: Pallas, IQ

Also released by Inside Out Music America (IOMA 2057-2).

[This review originally appeared April 2003 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]

The Great Outside (6:34) / Into Temptation (6:38) / Each And Everyday (6:09) / I Never Noticed (5:24) / Fanatic (4:04) / Yourself Alone (5:55) / Take These Words (4:16) / What Kind Of Reason (8:17) / Who Can We Be Sure Of (4:51)

Gary Chandler - guitar and vocals
Steve Christey - drums and percussion
Martin Orford - keyboards and backing vocals
John Jowitt - bass

More Than Meets The Eye (1992)
Once Upon A Time (EP) (1993)
Across The Water (1994)
No Sacrifice (EP) (1994)
Once Or Twice (EP) 1996)
Somersault (1997)
As Daylight Fades (1998)
Understand (2000)
Medium Rare (2001)
Alive Outside (2001)
Fanatic (2003)
More Than Meets The Eye -Special Edition (2005)
Photoplay (2006)
See Right Through You (2012)
No Fear Of Looking Down (2016)
More Than Meets The Eye - 25th Anniversary Edition (2017)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin UK

Added: January 1st 2005
Reviewer: Marcel Haster
Artist website: www.jadismusic.com
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Language: english


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