RPWL - World Through My Eyes

Year of Release: 2005
Label: SPV
Catalog Number: SPV 085-40742 CD
Format: CD
Total Time: 70:51:00

When I spent time with RPWL at ROSfest in 2004 they spoke enthusiastically about the fact that they were recording at the time - and in Yogi Lang's words, it would be "Something different, something completely new."

World Through My Eyes is certainly new and different, but it remains unmistakably RPWL. So how does it differ from RPWL's previous work? The first three CDs were relatively light neo-styled progressive rock - approachable, song-oriented, a slightly spacey sound, and altogether pleasant. The new record takes those characteristics and adds a new dimension of heaviness. It has a thicker component to it - Stephan's heavy bass and Manni's drums provide an unyielding rock-solid rhythm at the bottom, the keyboards build very full textures, and there are powerful extended Gilmour-esque guitar solos that seem to go on and on.

"3 Lights" is a standout track, and its song structure is common to several others on the CD: It starts slowly with acoustic instrumentation and Yogi's soft ballad-oriented singing. Then that hard-edged rhythm creeps in, and before you know it there's a four-minute long wall of sound with Kalle's masterfully played Telecaster at the fore. The title track is a 10 minute progressive piece that goes through a winding path of changing tempos and rhythms and moods, and showcases RPWL's songwriting skills more than any other track on the CD.

Three songs introduce (sampled?) sitar sounds, and the title track has plenty of Eastern-styled percussion. While these elements add an interesting texture, they stop short of an "eastern influence." Add these to the samples, electronica, and several psychedelic, almost spacey passages, and with the new emphasis on the bass clef this record is more about atmosphere and vibe than about the songs.

RPWL will probably never shake off the Pink Floyd comparisons. To some extent that is inevitable because they started out as a Floyd cover band. But the Floyd influence remains very strong in their music and I heard numerous references to that band's The Wall-era. Don't misunderstand me - RPWL is in no way a Floyd clone, nor are they derivative. They have graciously accepted Floyd's influences - that's all. The vocals also recall Pink Floyd.

Yogi Lang's singing is in a muted, soft mid range, and with RPWL's new stronger rock tone, this CD is probably best compared with Porcupine Tree's In Absentia. Track 4, "Roses," is a little different, though, as it is sung by Ray (Genesis, Stilskin) Wilson - whose effortless delivery is very impressive. Yet somehow, Yogi's singing is more expressive.

At the risk of contradicting Yogi, World Through My Eyes is not that new, and not that different. Think of it rather as the next step in RPWL's evolution, and they are establishing a niche for themselves in a style of music best described as hard-edged symphonic rock with lots progressive rock and tinges of psych and neo and thrown in for variety.

Sleep (7:10) / Start The Fire (5:06) / Everything Was Not Enough (8:42) / Roses (5:39) / 3 Lights (7:30) / Sea-Nature (8:10) / Day On My Pillow (4:22) / World Through My Eyes (10:04) / Wasted Land (4:52) / Bound To Reach The End (6:39)

Yogi Lang - vocals, keys
Stephan Ebner - bass
Kalle Wallner - guitar
Manfred M?ller - drums


Ray Wilson - vocals (4)

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Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin DE

Added: January 17th 2005
Reviewer: Duncan N Glenday
Artist website: www.rpwl.net
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Language: english


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