Majestic - Abstract Symphony

Year of Release: 1999
Label: Massacre Records
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 51:52:00

There's nothing more exciting than finding a brand new CD in the mail by a band who seemingly come from out of the blue - and one that kicks major ass. This is the case with the Swedish band Majestic. Majestic was formed back in 1997 by keyboard wizard Richard Andersson and guitarist Peter Espinoza (Espinoza, Nasty Idols), but was at that time going by the name Lab Rat. The band was later joined by drummer Joel Linder (Tenebre), bassist Martin Wezowski (The Drugs, Original Sin) and Jonas Blum from Pole Position[, a band] that released a fantastic debut a few years ago.

Abstract Symphony has 11 songs and is 51 minutes long. The CD kicks off with "Golden Sea," an absolute monster of a song. This is one bombastic song which almost explodes with power, energy and virtuosity. Neo-classical elements, a great melody line, and a chorus to die for. Clearly one of the best songs of the genre so far this year! The first thing you notice is the amazing keyboard work of R. Andersson, which is just mindblowing. The neo-classical influences are obvious and shine through on the whole CD. Then there is the guitars of Espinoza which is simply outstanding. Espinoza's improvement since Nasty Idols is almost unbelievable. He is all over this CD and surely knows his way around the fretboard. Espinoza and Andersson obviously enjoy each other's company pulling off one solo duel after the other. The songs are based upon heavy, powerful guitar riffs and the wizardry of Andersson's keyboards. The vocals of Blum are, as always, extremely strong, and compared to his work with Pole Position he's grown, too, showing a more mature and powerful side. Of course the bass and drums are top notch, but might be overlooked by the intensity and dominating guitars/keys/vocals. It's not often you find a CD where all songs are killers and where the songs keep your attention all the way through. This is exactly what Majestic has done with their debut. The songs come out as extremely powerful energetic and bombastic, which is something that is sorely missed on most of the releases today. A breath of fresh air!

The CD is filled with top songs of top melodic metal with neo-classical influences. The maturity of the songwriting and musicianship is exceptional and lovers of guitar Gods and keyboard wizards will absolutely go crazy over this. The melodies are very melodic, including great lines, bridges and choruses. I recommend this CD to fans of bands like Malmsteen, Artension, Royal Hunt, Symphony X or in general fans of melodic metal.

Japanese version: running time 54:58; see tracklisting below

[This review originally appeared November 2002 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]

Golden Sea (5:14) / Losers Shades Of Hell (4:48) / Standing Alone (5:19) / Silence (5:09) / Crimson Sun (4:25) / Ceasefire (5:04) / Black Moon Rising (3:39) / Blood Of The Tail (4:28) / Shadows From Beyond (3:35) / Nitro Pitbull (4:54) / Seekers Battlefield (3:36) / Abstract Symphony (1:41)

Japanese Version Tracklisting: Medieval Nights (3:26) / Golden Sea (5:14) / Standing Alone (5:19) /Abstract Symphony (1:41) / Crimson Sun (4:25) / Ceasefire (5:04) / Black Moon Rising (3:39) / Blood Of The Tail (4:28) / Shadows From Beyond (3:35) / Nitro Pitbull (4:54) / Seekers Battlefield (3:36) / Losers Shades Of Hell (4:48) / Silence (5:09)

Richard Andersson - keyboards
Magnus Nordh - guitars
Peter Wildoer - drums
Apollo - vocals
Martin Wezowski - bass

Abstract Symphony (1999)
Trinity Overture (2000)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin SE

Added: January 17th 2005
Reviewer: Bjørnar Bevolden
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Language: english


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