Mind's Eye - Waiting For The Tide

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Round Records
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 54:42:00

Though it was released in 2000, Waiting For The Tide just found my stereo two weeks ago. Actually, the band itself is totally new to me, all three of their albums. I decided to write a review for this CD because I felt that it needed more exposure, for it is a very good prog release.

Mind's Eye's music fits in the fine line between progressive metal and progressive rock. Many of the songs contain arrangements that are layered with emotion, which go along well with the emotion and intelligence of the lyrics. The music is catchy yet complex underneath, similar to the style that Enchant has developed over the years. I've heard some comparisons to Dream Theater, but there is really no shredding on this album; they are two different bands. Purposeful drumming, alternating guitar riffs, spiritual solos, engaging vocal harmonies, and "nice" keyboard work give this album a strong sense of melody and flow, for the most part. There are about three or four songs on this disc that don't actually do anything for me, not because they are bad, but because they fall off and don't really go anywhere. However there are some songs that are listenable over and over and over (and remind you of "Message To God" by Royal Hunt) again.

"Frozen Tears," the first track, is a great start to the album because it shows their technical ability and chops, memorable phrasing, and non-cheesy catchiness. Plus, it contains a certain wave-like vibe, something that fits extremely well with the excellent cover art by the talented Mattias Noren. Actually, many of the other tracks contain that same vibe, which really has to do with the emotional aspect I mentioned earlier.

The second song, "Calling (Father To Son)," is probably one of the best songs Mind's Eye will ever write, and that means a lot. The lyrics are absolutely amazing. Lines like, "He wants me to forgive him after all that I went through," are beautiful and depict the relationship in the title perfectly. My brother, who has been listening to this CD, too, has played this song three times in a row on some days, and he's a picky listener. Even band member Daniel Flores has called this song, "One of our best works today in my opinion." Waiting For The Tide is worth this truly beautiful song alone, but there's more, oh yes there's more.

The third track, "A Pond Of Thoughts," is another personal favorite because of stellar lyrics and a great keyboard melody that goes into the chorus. "The Spirits In The Room" concept is done solid (tracks 4 and 5), though a bit overlong, and the final full song, "Circles In The Sand," is fitting due to its repeated emphasis on clouds and tears from the first song.

One unique element that Mind's Eye develops very well on Waiting For The Tide is that of feeling. Technical prowess is great, but to mix that within a harmonious song structure is sheer brilliance, something Mind's Eye shows many signs of. The instrumentation is there; the production is there, and now they have to take the next step. This quartet featuring Johan Niemann, Fredrik Grunberger, Andreas Novak, and the multitalented Daniel Flores (Drums and Keyboards) is on the brink of creating something explosive. Is their 2002 "work of art" it? Still, Waiting For The Tide is a grandiose improvement over Into The Unknown, much of it due to Andreas now being the singer. So, my advice: buy this album because such good emotional music shouldn't go to waste, but just make sure to watch this band as they progress ... fade out.

Frozen Tears (6:53) / Calling: Father To Son (5:48) / A Pond Of Thoughts (4:46) / Closer: Spirits In The Room Part 1 (5:19) / In My Mind: Spirits In The Room Part 2 (7:52) / Primitive Light (5:24) / Jealousy In Disguise (6:21) / Fall On Trust (4:19) / Circles In The Sand (6:34) / ...Fade Out (1:10)

Andreas Novak - vocals
Fredrik Grunberger - guitars
Daniel Flores - drums and keyboards
Johan Niemann - bass

Afterglow (1994) (demo)
Into The Unknown (1998)
Waiting For The Tide (2000/2002)
Record Heaven Sampler (2000) (free with Progression Magazine)
Powermad 2000 Sampler (2000)
Transcending The Mundane Sampler (2000)
Warning: Minds Of Raging Empires - A Tribute To Queensryche (2000)
'Calling (Father To Sun)' (2000)
A Work Of Art (2002)
Walk On H20 (2006)
A Gentleman's Hurricane (2007)
1994: The Afterglow (remastered ed. of first album) (2008)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin SE

Added: June 24th 2002
Reviewer: Shawn "Zero Hour" Lakhani

Artist website: www.roundrec.com
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Language: english


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