Mob Rules - Savage Land

Year of Release: 1999
Label: Limb Music Products
Catalog Number: LMP 9903-008 CD
Format: CD
Total Time: 53:55:00

Now, this disc will interest quite a few people as it is the latest Limb Records release and has the one and only Sasha Paeth (Rhapsody, Angra, Gamma Ray) mastering and mixing the album. Mob Rules are a five piece from Germany and will with their first full album most certainly be one of the best sellers of the power metal genre this year. As always in this genre of music, the artwork of the CD is very professional and is made by Belgian artist Eric Philippe (Stratovarius, Avalon, Rhapsody).

Mob Rules was formed back in 1994 by bassist Torsten Plorin and guitarist Matthias Mineur (who works for Germany's Metal Hammer magazine). They had been supporting act for Crossroads, Pink Cream 69 and Cita to name a few. Savage Land features 13 songs and clocks in at over 53 minutes. Basically what we are offered here is power metal/melodic metal with some progressive elements. And here is another concept album added to this genre.

The opener "Insurgeria" gives a taste of the bands strengths: heavy catchy guitars, a thumping groove, as well as a super vocal line. Track two, "Rain Song" has a catchy chorus and a guitar lick which buries itself deep into your memory. Track five, "Secret Signs" is enhanced by the sound of flutes, and conjures up visions of the Scottish highlands. The closing track, "End Of All Day," becomes an epic masterpiece - beginning with acoustic guitars, passing brilliantly through an excursion of classical orchestra parts and completing the song with a kind of Carmina Burana choir on top is another prime example of the undisputed talent of this band.

All songs offered here are of the best quality even though some songs stand out as immediate winners. While you may think this is just another power metal album joining the lot, I must add that this album is special and to some point original. As a debut album, the songs offered here is nothing but sensational. Each song vibrates with compositional maturity and clever interpretation. It's hard to make any comparisons to other bands as they have without doubt found their own unique style of power/melodic metal. Though I think fans of Rhapsody, Angra, Elegy and in general melodic and power metal will go crazy over this. A clear winner!

[This review originally appeared November 2002 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]

Prologue (0:26) / Insurgeria (3:40) / Rain Song (4:12) / Hold Back The Light (6:05) / Secret Signs (3:35) / Savage Land - Part I (Strangers In Time) (3:09) / Savage Land - Part II (Pianista) (1:23) / Coast To Coast (5:34) / Blaze Of First Warning (3:12) / Pray For Sunlight (5:09) / Down In Nowhere Land (3:51) / End Of All Days (8:39)

Klaus Dirks - vocals
Oliver Fuhlhage - guitar
Matthias Mineur - guitar
Thorsten Plorin - bass
Arved Mannott - drums

Savage Land (1999)
Temple Of Two Suns (2000)
'Lord Of Madness' (single) (2002)
Hallowed Be Thy Name (2002)
'Black Rain' (single) (2004)
Among The Gods (2004)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin DE

Added: January 17th 2005
Reviewer: Bjørnar Bevolden
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Language: english


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